Highly likely to recommend My brother and I had to sell our parents' long-time home. This process could have been a nightmare with both of us being out of state, but Jerry and Christina made it easy. They and their contractors took care of the many small repairs and cleaning jobs that were needed, staged the house, and priced it appropriately. We received multiple offers, accepted the best, and the sale went through quickly and smoothly. All thanks to Christina and Jerry and their hard work!, Many, many thanks!


Highly likely to recommend We were selling an older home that needed some TLC to get into shape for sale. Since we live on the other side of the country, it was critical to have an agent we trusted and could work with by email, phone, etc. Jerry and Christina had the contacts to sub-contract the required work, which they then supervised. I believe their knowledge of the area and current market conditions allowed us to make informed decisions about what work to invest in to achieve the best "bang for our buck." Every detail was handled in a timely, professional manner. I can't say enough about the high level of communication. They staged the property, did pre-sale marketing and got us three viable offers in the first weekend's open house. This was by far, the easiest real estate transaction I've ever been involved with - all from 3000 miles away! I can highly recommend them to anyone who asks.

anjelita gonzalez2/24/2019

Highly likely to recommend They did amazing, they were patient, kind, polite, and their customer service was above and beyond. they made the process of buying a home so smooth and they were so knowledgeable and explained the process every step of the way all the way to the end and even after closing they made sure everything that we needed was Accessible we never thought that buying a home would be so smooth our expectations of buying a home we’re not so high but they raised the bar and made our dreams come true thank you both so much.


Highly likely to recommend Bob was great, he in formed of things i should have know and how to handle them. Negotiated with lender on my behalf on several occasions when i was unable.

Bob was knowledgeable about the area we were looking in as well as many of the other real estate agents we would be negotiating with.

Thanks Bob!


Highly likely to recommend Robert was the best agent a busy parent and first time buyer could ever ask and hope for. Not only was he tremendously helpful in finding the best investment for me and my family, but he understood our needs of finding a home that allowed us to stay within the same area and school district. In addition, Robert was very diligent and making sure the entire process was completely smoothly.

On top of all that, Robert even provided us with a trailer and helped us move all our stuff. I would recommend Robert and his team above all others because of the little things he and his team did for me.


Highly likely to recommend Sandy and her team are by far the most dedicated, insightfull realters in the business with incredible expertise. Tuscana Properties® has your back! Sandy caters to your individual needs. My situation was very rocky but she was willing to deal with my issues head on. She had to deal with park managers, my risk of eviction, legal matters, contracts, addendums, contingentcys, even as far as visiting the then home owner in jail. She was also willing to list my home at a higher rate than the other realters were. Sandy definitely is willing to go the extra mile for her clients and with a great team behind her.

zini yosemite10/25/2018

Highly likely to recommend After interviewing many realtors, I chose Sandy as my realtor for a property in Gilroy. The property I took back in foreclosure had a ton of issues including vagrants residing in the property, physical damage done by the previous owner and a swimming pool that was algae infested and partially filled with rocks. Sandy handled all of the negotiations with the vagrants and successully removed them from the property while protecting me with with proper legal paperwork in place. She sold the property outside of MLS after marketing the product to her contacts.


Highly likely to recommend We used Sandy to list our last house. She did excellent marketing on the house and even created a drone video. We got top dollars and the whole things was over within a few weeks, from start to finish. We interviewed many local agents and Sandy was one of the top 3 we finalized. We are happy we went with Sandy as our final choice based on her super strong references.

We would highly recommend Sandy to anyone looking to buy or sell their house.

Ingrid Cantu6/02/2018

Highly likely to recommend "We extend our gratitude to Jerry & Christina from Tuscana Properties® for providing top notch customer experience, commitment, and superior satisfaction to the sale of our first home in San Jose.
Their diligence, attention to detail (always a step ahead), and keeping us well informed throughout the entire process, proved to us that they care about their clients. Trust is a HUGE factor for us and Christina and Jerry exemplified just that by providing excellent service from start to end.  They are a power team!

-Ingrid & Alberto Esquivel


Highly likely to recommend We chose to work with Sandy after interviewing several agents. Sandy won our business with her knowledge, professionalism, and second-to-none marketing strategy/tools. Sandy did not disappoint - we were very impressed with how quickly she was able to get the house marketed and listed (less than a week notice). Within two weeks - we had an offer. In the middle of the sale, we moved out of state and Sandy took it from there. She maintained fantastic communication and worked with us to ensure we closed on time (in 21 days). HIGHLY recommend!


Highly likely to recommend We feel extremely lucky to have Christina & Jerry assist us in selling our house.
Selling your house can cause a lot of anxiety, but the warm support of these two made everything significantly easier.

Geoff Davis5/15/2018

Highly likely to recommend Sandy and Bob helped us a year before we put the house on the market. When it was time to put it on the market all of the previous work that they helped us with made a much smoother experience. It is difficult enough even when one has everything well planned out ... so we had the hand holding needed to get us through all the demands of getting the house sold.


Highly likely to recommend Sandy not only helped me buy my home but also when I wanted to sell it she was 100 per cent there for me start to closing. On both sales she was a consummate professional and dealt with numerous hurdles to my total satisfaction. Sandy was always available to answer my questions and to give accurate guidance in all areas of the numerous requirements and documents that arise in both buying and selling a home. Sandy worked extremely hard for me and I cannot tell how thankful I am to have had this very intelligent, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, professional realtor as my agent. She head and shoulders above any I have ever associated. If you don't call Sandy for your real estate needs you are only hurting yourself.

nancy cobb02/08/2018

Highly likely to recommend Bob did an excellent job of helping us line up vendors for inspections and repairs before the sale, as well as guiding us through the sale process, including helping navigate all the paperwork required to sell a home in the state of California.


Highly likely to recommend I was rather skeptical about the value of using any real estate agent to sell my home. Many I feel are glorified "auto sales people." In fact I was leaning towards using an online service that would provide essentially all of the process services and consultation of a traditional real estate agent, but allow me to be in control of showing the house, negotiations and marketing verbage. It would have been a much less expensive option.

However, those services lacked the local market knowledge and insider networking contacts with other neighborhood agents. Plus talking up your own home isn't likely as credible when negotiating with a buyer as having an experienced third party who is more objective about property values do the same. And there was the potential to naively run into a legal quagmire without realizing I was doing do.

Despite convincing myself I should use an agent, of the some 8 agents I extensively interviewed, Sandy was the only one I seriously considered going with.

Working with Sandy was more of a partnership with a trusted advisor, as opposed to a big brand name company that expects you to sign their sales agreement, then totally take over using their canned one size fits all bureaucratic corporate approach. Working on her own, she didn't have the expensive fixed staff or brick and morter overhead of that brand name outfit. However, due to her activities being a board member for the county real estate association she is well networked and has an insider's perspective of the business.

The virtual support team (photos, flyers, title company, etc.) she has pulled together over time is top notch. Certainly beats a large company who may have it all inhouse, but of mediocre caliber. With a lower profit margin, but higher volume business model, she is also more in tune with local market dynamics.

Her demeanor is more that of a mellow, matter of fact psychologist than a stereotypical high pressure real estate sales person. I found this stabilizing influence quite reassuring when navigating the arcane, high stress process of selling one's home without running into legal entanglements. Yet despite this low key "country girl" manner, she was always diligent on follow through.

It cleary cost me more than trying to sell the home on my own, but much less than a big name real estate firm due to her lower overhead. Overall it was the best option for someone like me going through their first home sale. This is too convoluted and arcane an experience to try doing on your own for the first time. And you don't want to make a fundamental novice mistake trying to sell a million dollar plus asset.

As such, I really appreciated the straight forward, transparent answers I got to the numerous questions I asked going through the process. Communication response could have been a bit faster, but that was probably more a case of my nerves than an actual business need for a real time response.


Highly likely to recommend Sandy and her resource personnel were so efficient that I was able to dissolve and complete the sale of my family's estate in 30 days...she was extremely caring, knowledgeable, and ethical during the process...the ideal characteristics that one would desire under any circumstances.


Highly likely to recommend Sandy was recommended to us by two other people who had used her services when selling their homes. She is knowledgeable, tireless, and has a great team of people working with her. Our home wasn't on the market for more than 10 days when she got us an "as is" offer for just 10k less than the asking price. We thought we would have to put 50k into it just to make it marketable and had already began looking at available people to do the work. What a relief to not have to deal with that. I highly recommend Sandy to anyone wishing to sell a property. Her award of Realtor of the Year is well deserved.


Highly likely to recommend I was managing a rental house for two partners until recently when they decided it was time to sell. We wanted to sell the house without having to make the tenant move out. I contacted Sandy and within 2 days she had offers from 3 investors. The house was sold with the tenant in it and the whole process took about 2 weeks. It was a win-win for everyone. What I felt best about Sandy, was that she did EXACTLY what she said she was going to through every detail of the process. She well deserves the 5 star ratings she gets.

Armille Valmonte7/13/2017

Highly likely to recommend Sandy is a great! She helped me and my husband sell our house in San Jose, and it was a pleasure working with her. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an agent.


Highly likely to recommend I came in from out of town to sell my father's home in San Jose. I did a little screening, and liked Sandy from our initial conversation. Dad's move into the Assisted Living facility happened quickly, and from my first emergency flight out to California to get him moved, Sandy was right there. She assessed the work to be done on my Dad's home, found the contractors that were necessary, involved me in the bid process as appropriate and was completely transparent with every step. We probably worked with 5 vendors to get his house ready, and every one was responsible, honest, and very fast. Once my Dad's home listed, we had 2 offers in about 3-4 days and were under contract within a week. I can't say enough good things about Sandy and her service. Use her and you'll be extremely satisfied!

artemisa miranda7/08/2017

Highly likely to recommend Jerry and Christina are a very proactive, well organized, effective and realtors. Jerry and Christina assisted us in preparing our house, advised us on what type of improvements needed to be done, and helped us move to our new house. During our time working with them, they gave us an incredible knowledge and understanding of the realty business. we encountered some problems while we were trying to sell our house, but they were able to solve each and every problem in a timely and professional manner. We are very pleased and satisfied with their service, and we would recommend them to anybody else. They were great Artemisa Miranda and Joe Colon.

maryannep white6/02/2017

Highly likely to recommend When it was time to and we were ready to sell our home, we didn’t have any experience at all regarding the process. My wife, Mary Anne, had known Ashley through a prior business relationship and we knew that she was with Keller Williams Realty. We decided to give her an opportunity to sell our home. Ashley made us comfortable right away and put to rest many of our fears. She met with us at our home to tour the property, to discuss ways to make the home more appealing to buyers, and to thoroughly discuss every detail of a potential partnership and sale. That’s what it was, a partnership. Ashley was all in and provided excellent advice and insight from the start. She took care of every detail, from property photos to inspection arrangements.
Within three hours on the day our home “went live,” we received a request for a private tour. The potential (who would become the actual) buyer was in our home that very day. Ashley was on top of it. We received rave reviews from our open house weekend regarding the preparation of the home and the professionalism of the presentation; every detail handled spectacularly. Within a week, the house was sold and the paperwork, because it was clearly and thoroughly completed on the front-end, was approved in record time.
We cannot say enough about Ashley’s professional ability and probably more important, personal touch. There are plenty of realtors out there who will gladly sell a house but will they care about the sellers? Ashley cares and insists on taking a hands-on, personable approach to the entire process. When the house sold, we arrived home to a package of moving supplies and a congratulatory bottle of Champaign. That’s the personal touch that every seller should seek and that’s the personal touch and professional approach that Ashley Eckerman takes.
Mary Anne and Phillip White
San Jose, CA

Mark Veron5/25/2017

Highly likely to recommend There is a reason why Sandy Jamison has all 5 stars on Zillow, and I cannot express enough how much of a positive impact she had on closing my deal (it would have never happened without her). I had found a parcel of land that was extremely rare for the price and location, and unfortunately also had a staggering amount of complexities tied to it. In short, there had to be a plethora of legal work, discovery and enumeration conducted in order to ensure that the deal would not fall through; and to be completely honest Sandy performed beyond all of my expectations. I never imagined it would be such an arduous process to go through, and I began to lose hope at certain points. Sandy was working day and night on this deal, which I may add was NOT a large deal by monetary standards; nevertheless, she performed as if this was the largest deal of her career, and in the end after numerous legal setbacks, working with attorneys, countless bankers, title-officers and even business managers in different countries, we prevailed directly because of her relentless tenacity! Truly, I have no words to express the gratitude that I have for this compassionate and hardworking individual, and I know that the next time I pursue another parcel and or property, it will most definitely be through Sandy Jamison!

P.S. Sandy, thank you so much for all of your efforts. Its impossible for me to imagine someone who will work harder than you to ensure that a deal is successful. I am forever grateful, and wish you the success in all of your future endeavors!


Highly likely to recommend This realtor is your one stop shop if you're looking for a realtor to sell your house or help you find one to buy. She is knowledgeable, creative, detail oriented, and gets the MOST for her clients. Don't waste your time with anyone else. There's a reason that women seem to be better realtors than men: they care and they follow through!! Sandy is all of that and more. You won't be disappointed!!!!


Highly likely to recommend Sandy just helped my parents purchase a mobile home in San Jose. We had begun the process over a year ago, taking some time off in between - she was always very responsive and patient, scheduling home viewings quickly but also giving us ample time to think over our decision. She also provided great feedback on many questions we had regarding the properties we looked at, and helped us navigate through stressful situations. Not only did she help us close on the mobile home of my parents' dreams, she provided excellent care after the sale. As my parents needed to fix some issues such as plumbing, termites, etc, Sandy gave us a list of recommended vendors to work with and also helped schedule the appointments. She also responds to any questions we have regarding the property. This demonstrates that she truly cares about her clients and will go the extra mile to help them even after close.


Highly likely to recommend George represented us during the purchase of a new home, and he was wonderful to work with. He was very helpful and work very hard, even when he has very ill, to make sure that we submitted all documentation on time and to make sure that we closed escrow on time. I have to say that the seller’s agent that we had to work with was very difficult to deal with, but George went above and beyond to make sure that this was as smooth as a transaction as possible. I would recommend George to anyone looking to buy or sell. He is a Great agent… if I ever decided to sale or purchase again; I will be looking for him.


Highly likely to recommend Christina was very helpful and always available to answer any questions I had regarding a family real estate trust. She is very thorough when it comes to getting details clear for my understanding. She is professional, reliable and very easy to work with.


Likely to recommend Christina helped answer my questions that I had about the process of buying a home. She was very knowledgeable and quick to respond. She was professional and trustworthy and I would recommend Christina to any of my friends and family looking to either buy or sell a home.


Highly likely to recommend Sandy was great to work with and help us sell our home quickly and getting us top dollar. She was quick to respond and find solutions when issues came up. She knows the area, and knows the other local R.E. Agents, and is very active with the industry.


Highly likely to recommend I recently utilized Sandy Jamison to sell my condo in San Jose. She was incredible, and I would highly recommend her services. In a somewhat 'soft' market for 1k sq ft, one-bedroom condos in South San Jose during the holidays, I had a slim chance of selling my home quickly and efficiently. But Sandy recommended all the right things such as staging, paint, carpet, etc, and I received an offer above market the day after listing. Amazing! Also, Sandy was responsive, knowledgeable, professional, and did not hesitate to give me her honest opinions.


Highly likely to recommend Sandy was very detailed and helpful with the process of listing the house that we sold. She gave us enough information throughout the listing period to make smart decisions. In the end we were very happy with the results.

Ryan Ong11/09/2016

Highly likely to recommend Sandy is a consummate professional and quite simply the best realtor we've ever done business with. She's extremely knowledgeable, responsive, resourceful and will go the extra mile "literally" to earn your business. Although, we live in Danville; she was willing to make two visits to our home from San Jose to earn our business. She successfully marketed, priced and staged our San Jose home in a slowing marketplace that eventually sold in three weeks and over asking price. We couldn't have been more pleased. Quite, simply you have to hire Sandy, otherwise you will be disappointed with anyone else.


Highly likely to recommend We met Bob when searching for a property to build upon. He was the listing agent for a property we considered buying. His expansive knowledge of the processes and hassles, and candor helped us realize one would be nuts to try to build a home from scratch in Santa Clara County. Impressed with his masterful understanding of this and his general realty expertise, we employed him in our search for an existing home on a rural property instead. While he was more than willing to show us properties, we also searched on our own and did countless drive-bys in Santa Cruz County as well as his typical area. We found the perfect home and had Bob represent us as buyers. He was diligent and careful, guiding us to the best decisions and manner in which to make a deal with the sellers. Bob was prompt and responsive, and sniffed out and steered us clear of potential pitfalls as we engaged the purchase. It worked out very smoothly and we were more than satisfied with his performance and genuine concern for our well being.

I can't speak to Bob's ability to sell a home, but can sure say this gentleman has tremendous real estate knowledge, is detail oriented like an IRS agent, and takes great care of his clients!


Highly likely to recommend George works tirelessly for his clients. He is always on top of things and keeps us informed regularly.
I could never see myself going with any other agent for working on acquiring or selling any property.

bninerse 1610/18/2016

Highly likely to recommend I was very impressed with the service I received. Christina was so kind and understanding. Christina was prompt on all callbacks. She explained everything in detail to me. She gave great advice. All I can say is it was great experience.


Highly likely to recommend Over the last year Sandy was our real estate professional in the sale of two very different Santa Clara Valley properties: The first was a total fixer-upper in Santa Clara where she fairly represented both buyer and seller, and the second was the successful sale of a completely remodeled, staged and promoted house in the Berryessa foothills of San Jose. The diverse issues that came up between these two properties made me very thankful that we had such an experienced, knowledgeable and capable professional representing our interests. Sandy understands the market, real estate law, contracts, negotiations, and in our case, what a seller must do to prepare a house for maximum appeal from buyers. Sandy is also a real “people person”, easy to work with and very accessible, with a good staff to back her up. I highly recommend Sandy and the Tuscana team.

cause n fx20038/31/2016

Highly likely to recommend Sandy is the epitome of excellence in real estate. I listed several properties with her over the years (2009-2015) and she has consistently outperformed other agents in the Santa Clara county area. She is professional, friendly, and get's the job done. Her before and after photos of a property, when staging occurs, show the attention to detail that she has such an eye for. I would highly recommend using Sandy in any and all real estate transactions in the Santa Clara county area.


Highly likely to recommend Sandy did a great job in helping us find our dream home. She was very patient during the entire process and guided us at each and every step. This was very important for first time buyers like us. She provided us our space to take decision while we were searching for properties. She always responded to our questions / concerns promptly via phone or by meeting in person. Overall we were extremely satisfied with her services and would definitely recommend her to friends and family.


Highly likely to recommend Bob Jamison of Tuscana Properties® was great. We found him to be extremely knowledgable of real estate laws and lending practices. He showed us properties in our price range and helped us see the potential possibilities of the home. We were interested in a home with a large lot which was hard to find in our price range. He was patient and persistent as it took many months to find a home which satisfied my husband. We were buying at the peak of a hot market so we needed to make decisions quickly. Bob helped to negotiate the price and terms by seeing what other houses in the area had sold for, and advised us on the better areas of Morgan Hill as we were not familiar with the area. He was especially good at writing up offers and had the best home inspectors on our side. He provided personal service and kept us informed daily of new properties and developments during the loan process. We are very pleased with our purchase and would definitely use Bob Jamison and Tuscana Properties® again and recommend them to our friends.


Highly likely to recommend I have worked with Sandy in purchasing a couple of properties, both in the Bay Area. In one transaction, she was the listing agent and the other, buyer's agent. In both cases, she showed herself to be a great Realtor with the right local knowledge and negotiating skills. I found her to be highly responsive, fair, friendly and professional. She also has a good support staff in her office that keeps thinks moving in the background as far as paperwork etc., which I appreciated. I think you will be delighted if you use her services!


Highly likely to recommend Sandy did an excellent job of marketing my mother's home. She was always available to showed the home to perspective buyers and presented all offers that met our criteria. She processed all the all the required documents in a timely manner allowing us to close the sale quickly. I would gladly use Sandy's services again.


Highly likely to recommend I would highly recommend Sandy Jamison. She is very professional, extremely helpful in getting us organized for the sale of our property, made many useful recommendations for getting the property ready for sale, and very responsive with any questions we had. She also is an excellent communicator through voice, text, or email so we knew at all phases what was going on throughout the entire process. We really were happy with our selling experience with Sandy and I would give a 5/5 star rating as an realtor. Sandy's real estate experience and knowledge really worked well for us.


Highly likely to recommend Christina kept in constant contact with us, so we always knew what was going on, where we were in the process and what to expect next. She was always available and responsive via phone, text and email and always delivered on what she said she would do. Her strategies helped us sell our home very quickly with multiple offers, all above asking price. As a result, we avoided additional carrying costs, dues and other costs while finding a buyer that loves our home as much as we do. We would definately work with Christina and Jerry again.


Highly likely to recommend I loved working with Christina! Christina was great and trustworthy from beginning to end. We were first time home buyers and changed our preferences multiple times throughout the process but she was patient and helpful the whole time. She was very honest and straightforward, pointing out pros and cons of properties and neighborhoods. Plus she was always responsive and professional not only to us but to everyone involved in the transaction even when they weren't returning the same courtesy. We would highly recommend Christina and writing her a review was the least we could do for everything she did for us. If you're looking to jump into the market before those interest rates rise, Christina would be a great help in finding your new home!


Highly likely to recommend Sandy was really patient with us, showing us an endless number of locations, and taking us through scores of offers we made, even when some where not very competitive.


Highly likely to recommend Christina was our agent when we had to settle our parents estate. She was very professional and courteous to all parties involved in this sale. Christina was very proactive and went above and beyond to make these transactions as stress-free as possible for our family.


Highly likely to recommend Got the deal done in lighten speed. At COE she also stay to make sure the old owner vacant all their belongings as promised. She coordinated with everyone to make sure things get done right. Thank you so much for everything.


Highly likely to recommend Christina Joleen Took on a really hard sale. It was my house in San Jose, CA. It was difficult because I have relocated to Texas, was selling the house to my stepdaughter and it had a trust attached to it. She also got me an excellent agent here in Texas. I would recommend Christina to anyone looking for or selling a house. Laura Nodal


Highly likely to recommend Sandy was helpful and patient with us as we went through the difficult process of determining what we truly valued in a home. Once we figured that out, she went above and beyond to help us secure the home we wanted at a price point we could afford despite a difficult market for buyers.


Highly likely to recommend I would recommend Sandy in a heartbeat to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the greater San Jose area. She recently facilitated the off-market sale of my mother's home and I found her to be very knowledgeable about the local market and very professional. Even though she was the buyer's choice to facilitate the sale, she represented my mother's interests to the buyer as well. She is very personable and responded to texts and emails promptly. She would be a great choice for someone looking to buy or sell in this market.