What to Know About Living in Milpitas, CA

What to know about living in Milpitas CA

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If you don’t know enough about Milpitas CA, you’ve brought your eyes to the right place. To be more specific, we’ll be shedding light on living in Milpitas. 

Milpitas skirts the San Francisco Bay, sandwiched between San Jose to the south and Fremont up to the north. On one side, the waters of the Bay, and on the other, the sloping ridges of the Diablo Mountain Range. 

Why is Milpitas CA an appealing place to live? To sum it up, this city is slightly more spacious, near Silicon Valley employers, and has a healthy supply of suburban properties. 

And now, we’ll elaborate more about living in Milpitas, from a homebuyer’s perspective. That means you’ll need to know about the cost of living, the local economy, real estate, attractions, and why about 80,000 people chose the city. 

The Milpitas Station

The Milpitas Station - via Wikimedia Commons Pi.1415926535

Where is Milpitas, CA?

Part of Santa Clara County in California, Milpitas has a lot of talking points - but let’s start with the basics.

Milpitas takes up about 13.5 square miles of land at the southern tip of ‌San Francisco Bay. To the north is Fremont, a much larger city with almost three times the population. To the south is San Jose, an even larger urban and residential city with plenty of employment opportunities. 

Living in Milpitas CA, you’re about 20 minutes from Downtown San Jose. The Nimitz Freeway and Joseph P. Sinclair Freeway can take you up and down the coastline, to employers, attractions, and weekend getaways. There’s also the South Bay Freeway, which can take you west towards cities like Los Altos and Santa Clara.

San Jose’s international airport is also nearby. It should take 20 minutes to arrive, plus another five for parking. 

The I-880 Freeway

The I-880 is one of the major freeways passing through Milpitas - via Thank You

Is Milpitas Growing?

Looking at the Milpitas population, we can see that it is growing (according to historical data). It appears that growth was more rapid up until 2021, with slower steady growth continuing today.

Here’s some population data for Milpitas, starting about ten years back:

  • In 2015, there were around 74,000 residents in Milpitas.
  • In 2020, Milpitas had 77,180 residents, up 1.64% compared to last year.
  • In 2021, it grew to 80,287, a 1.27% increase from the previous year.
  • In 2022, the population was at 80,862, with a growth of 0.72% compared to last year. 
  • In 2023, Milpitas had reached approximately 81,000 residents. Growth appears to be slowing down at this point, increasing only 0.25% from 2022 figures.

The population is not projected to change too drastically in 2024, probably staying between 80,000 and 82,000.

Important Things to Know About Milpitas CA

Milpitas has a prime location, almost strategic, so close to tech hubs and en route to others. It straddles North/South and East/West highways, giving access to all directions of travel. That’s why it’s lovingly known as the Crossroads of Silicon Valley, an employer of many residents. 

Tech aside, the city recently had its 70th birthday, the platinum anniversary. On the day, Mayor Carmen Montano had this to say:

Our community has faced challenges and achieved success together. Together, we have created a lasting legacy that we can all be proud of."

Milpitas is diverse and fairly youthful, with a median age of around 35 for males and around 37 for females. Seniors make up around 12% of the population.

How about the history of Milpitas? 

The city’s history started officially in 1954 when it was incorporated. The name of the town may not sound like a typical one. The word milpitas is a Mexican Spanish variation of milpa, a field used for various crops. The meaning of Milpitas is probably close to, “garden where maize is grown,” or something with a similar gist. 

About a century before being incorporated, the Milpitas area began to be settled. A hotel, general store, and post office sat on the land by 1857. The population rose and fell until after World War II, when the Western Pacific Railroad and Ford Motor Company came to the area. Reportedly, the population was still under 1,000 at this time.

What is the Milpitas Cost of Living?

Like many of California’s cities, the cost of living in Milpitas is far higher than national averages. Most residents have a reasonably high income, whether they rent or own their homes. 

Cost of living statistics should always be taken with a grain of salt. Many factors can sway ‌ monthly expenses, like lifestyle and the amenities we choose to use. 

Here are some statistics on Milpitas cost of living from PayScale.com:

  • Utilities are 9% higher than the national average.
  • Transportation (bus fares and gas prices) are 24% higher than the national average. 
  • Grocery prices are 43% higher than the national average.
  • Healthcare is 33% more expensive than the national average.

Cost of living in Milpitas can give homebuyers cause to reevaluate their budget, so it mustn't be overlooked. If you’d like a personalized look at cost of living in California neighborhoods, speak with us. It’s our job to point out communities that suit your budget.

What’s the Milpitas Job Market Like?

Milpitas is one of the larger cities that make up Silicon Valley and it plays an active role. Several big names have headquarters and other facilities here, like:

  • Cisco Systems, primarily in the business of network hardware, software, and telecommunication. 
  • KLA Corporation, a developer of semiconductor products, plus nanoelectronics. 
  • SanDisk, a leading producer of memory products, external storage, and USB drives.

  • Flex (Flextronics), the third-largest electronics manufacturing services company in the world, by revenue.

Cisco Headquarters in Milpitas CA

Cisco Headquarters in Milpitas - via Thank You

The unemployment rate in Milpitas is lower than the US average, while ‌household income is significantly higher (about ~$150,000 compared to ~$70,000). 

One thing that can offset the cost of living in Milpitas are ‌salaries, which are often much higher than national averages.

What’s the Milpitas Real Estate Market Like?

Just like almost every city surrounding Silicon Valley, real estate prices jumped higher because of a booming job sector and demand to live in the region. Milpitas experienced the same boost, which has brought prosperity to the local economy, but also, higher home prices.

Condominiums, townhomes, and single family homes make up most of the housing stock. Around half of those are single-family detached, about 17% single-family attached, and the rest are multifamily units.

Most of the homes in Milpitas are north and the east. Real estate to the east and south is more commercial and industrial. Almost everything east of ‌I-880 is retail or commercial as well.

A Prairie-style Home in Milpitas CA

A prairie-style home in Milpitas - via David Sawyer

Taking inflation into account, Milpitas home prices appear to be coming down slowly. The highest sold prices in recent times came around March 2022, when homes were going for a median of ~$1.47 million. In January 2024, they were about $120,000 less.

In January of 2024, the median sale price for Milpitas CA homes was around $1.35 million. 

Going back a year to January 2023, the prices were closer to $1.2 million. January 2022 was more or less the same, but it’s important to note that this time of year tends to have lower property prices. Some seasons present more options, while months like January and September can offer lower prices (with less choice). 

This article will tell you the best time to buy a home in California.

California has mandated that Milpitas create more homes - around 6,700 by 2031, to be exact. That may be a difficult target for the city to reach, especially since half of those homes are required to be below market rates. 

What Are the Best Places to Live in Milpitas?

Some neighborhoods in Milpitas CA rub shoulders with commercial areas, while others are purely residential. Here’s a quick summary of the top spots to live in Milpitas:

  • Parktown

An area of Milpitas with newer homes that are well-maintained and presentable. Parktown is definitely a desirable spot in Milpitas, partially because of the excellent schools nearby. Parks and rec facilities are readily available to Parktown locals, plus major freeways. Getting to and from work and home is ‌convenient, but avoid rush hour.

  • Starlite Pines/Midtown

Like many of the Bay Area’s neighborhoods, Midtown is residential, with lots of access to amenities and attractions. It’s centrally located in Milpitas, putting it closer to the industrial sector and major employers. At the same time, you won’t have any factories on your doorstep and nature is a short drive away.

  • Sunny Hills 

Bordered to the east by I-680, Sunny Hills is where Milpitas High School and Thomas Russel Middle School are, plus several other learning institutions (private and public). Joseph Weller Elementary offers a place for students between K to 6 grades. The community has other things that residents need, like large parks, retail therapy, groceries, and nearby healthcare. 

  • Hidden Lake Village/Coventry Milpitas

This mostly residential area is arranged around Hidden Lake Park, including several planned communities and the Beresford Square Shopping Center. It’s a great location to live, with access to freeways to get around the Bay Area quickly. The homes here are contemporary/modern style, large, and comfortable, mostly with two to five bedrooms.  

  • Milpitas Manor/Curtner Estates

Unlike the other communities we just mentioned, Milpitas Manor/Curtner Estates is a mix of newer construction and older homes. This means relative affordability can be found, though a few luxury options exist. However, most of Milpitas Manor/Curtner Estates is not residential, but industrial/commercial. Some buyers may prefer to look north, where there are more options. 

  • Terra Serena Luna/Parc Metro

The Terra Serena Luna/Parc Metro area mixes residential, retail, and industrial space together, giving locals an interesting range of things to do. Like other Milpitas communities, the roadways let you get around easily, using your home as a base of operations for the lifestyle you choose. Parc Place Drive has condominium options, with their lovely clubhouse and Parc Metro green spaces. 

You can browse all Milpitas CA homes for sale, including off-market or recently listed properties - or ask us directly where the best communities are. We understand that everyone’s got a budget and a lifestyle in mind, which the internet can’t always understand. Our realtors living in the area won’t just be reciting the Google search results to you. We have firsthand knowledge to answer even the most specific questions.

Send us a short message and a realtor will reply back shortly.

What is There to Do in Milpitas CA?

The list of things to do in Milpitas is long, but we’ll try to tell you about some highlights.

For exercise, or spending time in green surroundings, you can look to the mountains or the Bay Area waters. The latter offers the best dog walking (and human walking) in the area with pristine coastal scenery. In the mountains, the Bay View Golf Club will be the priciest activity, though not necessarily the most beautiful. The Diablo Range is full of trail networks, wineries, and viewpoints. 

Ed R. Levin County Park

Ed R Levin County Park, near central Milpitas - via Don DeBold

Milpitas also boasts a range of parks, and there’s even a green belt that stretches for miles, almost reaching central Fremont.

Looking for things to do in Milpitas? However you want to spend your days or evenings, the city has options. Most of the restaurants are centrally located in Milpitas, along Calaveras Boulevard, or along Milpitas Road. Make sure to attend the Milpitas Annual Crab Feed, even if you end up living in a different California community.

Living in Milpitas CA

Now that you know more about living in Milpitas CA, you’re probably scratching the surface of what a homebuyer needs to know. That’s normal.

Before a tour of the community and a walkthrough of your new home, you can dig deeper. The internet is a great starting point, as it will summarize Milpitas quite well, but local realtors can answer what a search engine cannot. 

The Jamison Team is highly successful, even in a market as competitive as California. Since 2008, we’ve been outperforming other agencies and overdelivering to our clients. 

We’re happy to share some of their testimonials and we’re happy to share something else - a Buyer’s Satisfaction Guarantee. We make sure that you’re in love with the home, and if that changes within 18 months, we’ll facilitate the sale - or buy the property ourselves. 

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If you have more questions about what to expect from the markets around the Bay Area, don’t be afraid to reach out to us today. Our experts are experienced in all property types and the entire San Francisco Bay Area, and we can help you to find what you need to know today.

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