What to Know About Living in Campbell, CA

What to know about living in Campbell, CA

Some agencies and real estate blogs vaguely call Campbell a “suburban gem of San Jose.” 

The fact is, those words apply to almost any of San Jose’s cities.   

We’d prefer to speed up your search, not give you more to read. So, how about some clear facts and actionable info about Campbell? 

Campbell Watertower

A lovely photo of the iconic Campbell watertower - via John Martinez Pavliga

Where is Campbell, CA?

If you are a resident of Campbell, you’re living in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area, though not the most dense part of it. The city is about a 10-minute drive southwest of downtown San Jose. 

Campbell is in Santa Clara County, the sixth-largest of the nine counties in the Bay Area. This land begins at cities like Palo Alto and Milpitas and stretches south to Gilroy. 

Campbell takes up 6.35 square miles and has some star-studded neighbors. While it’s not a huge player in the tech world, the tech world visits Campbell regularly to dine or shop.

Los Gatos is to the south, with its premium shopping, eateries, and wonderful wineries. The town has enough historical activities to satiate the most scholarly, as well as a focus on art and local cuisine. 

Then there’s Saratoga, where Americans defeated the British in 1777. France signed a treaty with the US on the back of the victory, which eventually ended the War for Independence. Nowadays, Saratoga is a very affluent spot to live, with some of the highest home prices of the Bay Area.  

Saratoga Memorial Arch

The Saratoga Memorial Arch - via David Sawyer

Is Campbell Growing?

The pandemic threw worldwide population trends a little bit and the effects are still felt by Americans.

Take a look at Campbell’s population over the years:

  • 1960 census data: 11,863
  • 1970 census data: 24,770
  • 1980 census data: 27,067
  • 1990 census data: 36,048
  • 2000 census data: 38,138
  • 2010 census data: 39,349
  • 2020 census data: 43,959
  • 2022 population estimate: 42,286

Based on ‌ US Census data, Campbell became 3.8% smaller in population size between April 1st, 2020, and July 1st, 2022. Still, this is comparable to similarly sized cities. 

Campbell Farmers Market

The Campbell farmer’s market in action - via Grendelkhan

Important Things to Know About Campbell

Of course, you should know about the founder, Benjamin Campbell. The hay and grain that he planted over 160 acres eventually became the historical core of the town.

For the shrewd price of $5, Benjamin sold an acre of land to the railroad, a profitable moment in Campbell’s history. With new speed, the orchard could ship fruit out of Campbell to customers around the country. This blossomed into drying grounds and canneries, making Campbell even more prominent. 

President Theodore Roosevelt visited Campbell in the early 1900s and planted a redwood at the corner of Campbell Avenue and Winchester Boulevard. Unfortunately, the President hadn’t accounted for roadway widening and the tree was cut down in 1964. The stump was taken to Los Gatos and successfully replanted, while a bench was made from part of the trunk.

After Roosevelt’s visit, but before his redwood was felled, Campbell became an incorporated city. Eight years later, in 1960, a census recorded almost 12,000 residents in the city.

Train station in Downtown Campbell

A train station in Downtown Campbell, CA - via UncleVinny

What is the Campbell Cost of Living?

Cost of living is often a tricky metric to pin down. You’ll see varying statistics online and likely not know the exact number. 

Without a doubt, Campbell has a higher average cost of living than the American average, as well as the California average. 

How much higher, exactly?

The statistics vary, but one source puts the cost of living in Campbell, CA at 94% higher than the national average. San Jose is just 49% higher than the national average, while Los Gatos is 136% higher.

The main cost is housing (254% higher than the US average), but groceries are considerably higher too, at +43%. Healthcare sits around 33% higher than the US average, and the average energy bill is $192.03 per month in Campbell, CA.

What’s the Campbell Job Market Like?

The Campbell job market has a similar makeup to some other San Jose cities. The most common job groups are:

  • Management occupations: approx. 3,706 people
  • Sales or related occupations: approx. 2,537 people
  • Computer or mathematical occupations: approx. 2,424 people

Some other common job groups are office and administrative roles, business and financial occupations, and the education industry (including library and instructional occupations).

According to Salary, the average salary is $114,994 in Campbell, CA.

The highest median earning occupations for men in Campbell, CA are:

  • Information ($158,482)
  • Manufacturing ($152,243)
  • Professional, Scientific, & Management, & Administrative & Waste Management Services ($141,004)

The highest median earning occupations for women in Campbell, CA are:

  • Manufacturing ($129,167)
  • Wholesale Trade ($120,313)
  • Information ($108,906)

What’s the Campbell Real Estate Market Like?

Campbell home prices hit their recent peak in May of 2022, inching over the $2 million mark. By the next year in May 2023, they were down to about $1.7 million. 

In February 2024, our Campbell properties had a median list price of $1,866,500.

The number of homes sold each month in 2023 varied greatly, compared to more consistent years like 2022 and 2021. August was the busiest month of 2023 for Campbell, with over 40 homes sold. 

Freshly Built Homes

A row of units, freshly built - via David Sawyer

Supply is quite low in Campbell, and not because of its size. Nearby Los Gatos usually has just as many homes on the market, if not more, with 10,000 fewer residents than Campbell. Because of a slightly smaller supply, demand for Campbell properties has increased.

The best times to buy a home in Campbell depend on whether you want selection or competitive pricing. That’s not to say that both can’t be found in the same listing, but timing can change a lot. The summer months will offer more selection, while the winter months up to January might offer negotiating power and better deals.

In the Campbell real estate market, the right property might take time to appear. This means buyers have to watch the listings with their agent and pounce on good opportunities. If your heart becomes set on Campbell and other San Jose zip codes don’t tick the box, patience might come in handy. 

What Are the Best Places to Live in Campbell?

The heart of Campbell is downtown, in the northern historic part of the city. Here on Winchester Boulevard, you’ll find quaint shops mixed in with essentials, like a vet, dentists, and salons. Also on this road is Liberty Shopping Center, several condominiums, and apartment towers.

In the south of Campbell, you’ll find San Tomas and Forest Hill/Westmont. These are two communities that are almost entirely residential, though well served by nearby shopping centers. The homes are usually 2 or 3-bedroom, with larger properties here and there. The streets are peaceful, especially once you turn off the main arteries. 

Typical Campbell Homes

A few typical Campbell homes - via David Sawyer

Other Campbell neighborhoods to know about:

  • Campbell Manor: This area hung onto the neighborly spirit amid the rapid Bay Area development and is highly sought after. The community is covered in spacious homes and estates.
  • Hazelwood: This affluent area is almost entirely residential, with quick access to Santana Row shopping. 
  • Campbell Shamrock: Ranchers settled this area in the 19th century and created the groundwork for what became a very distinctive neighborhood. Some of the first homes were built here in the 1920s.
  • Campbell Gardens: Any neighborhood with “gardens” in the name is sure to be full of parks and gardens, right? In this case, yes, as well as single-family homes, apartment buildings, and condos.

What is There to Do in Campbell?

Campbell may be landlocked, but it doesn’t need beaches to keep locals entertained. Here are some of the top activities you can do in the city:

  • See Campbell’s historical side: Campbell has no shortage of antique properties and heritage homes. The Galindo-Leigh House, Ainsley House, and Union Schools are a few examples. Check out the Campbell Museum too, which regularly rotates exhibitions and occasionally, has live music.
  • Exercise a little or a lot: The parks will always be convenient if you’re living in Campbell, CA, but further-out spots can be even more picturesque. 
  • Be entertained or relaxed: History and entertainment don’t always mix, but they do at the Heritage Theatre! For after-hours relaxation, Campbell has everything from cocktail bars to cigar lounges. A short drive to Lexington Reservoir or the Heintz Open Space is the way to go for hiking, biking, or picnicking. 
  • Dine out (or in): Restaurants in Campbell are destinations for everyone in San Jose, not just the locals. The Naschmarkt, Locanda Sorrento, and Trattoria 360 are all outstanding places to eat, though you’ll want to reserve your table ahead of time!

The Heritage Theater

The Heritage Theater's intriguing frontage - via Travis Wise

What is Near Campbell?

Campbell is just outside of the main hubs of Silicon Valley, yet still close enough to be there within minutes. For any beach-going readers, the iconic sands of Santa Cruz are about 30 minutes away from Campbell. 

These communities are next to Campbell:

  • North of Campbell is West San Jose, and further on, Central San Jose. 
  • East of Campbell are cities like Willow Glen and Cambrian or West San Jose.
  • South of Campbell are Los Gatos and the Santa Cruz Mountains.
  • West of Campbell is Saratoga.

If you are driving from Campbell in ideal conditions:

  • It takes about 15 minutes to reach downtown San Jose.
  • It takes about 15 minutes to reach San José Mineta International Airport
  • It takes about 30 minutes to reach Fremont.
  • It takes about an hour to reach San Francisco.
  • It takes about 5 and a half hours to reach Los Angeles.

Living in Campbell, CA

A city can’t be summed up in an article and we always recommend a tour of the neighborhood. Before you drive down to Campbell, checking out the updated listing is the obvious starting point. 

If you have specific questions about Campbell that were answered here, our locally-based realtors are sure to have the answers on hand. And, if you want to see how green the grass is in other cities, we’ll save you time searching. 

More Questions? Follow-up With Us!

If you have more questions about what to expect from the markets around the Bay Area, don’t be afraid to reach out to us today. Our experts are experienced in all property types and the entire San Francisco Bay Area, and we can help you to find what you need to know today.

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