What to Know About Living in Almaden Valley

What to know about living in Almaden Valley

In South San Jose, California, there’s an area called Almaden Valley. The name comes from a Spanish mining town ‌long ago when mercury was discovered on the land. Its now laden with spacious single family homes and offers the locals a high standard of living.

There’s a good chance that you know a little bit about Almaden Valley already - but if you don’t, we’re about to summarize all the important aspects. This should paint a clear picture of the lifestyle, amenities, entertainment, schooling, and cost of living.

Almaden Valley

Looking towards Almaden Valley - via Don DeBold

Where is Almaden Valley?

If you drive 25 minutes south from Downtown San Jose, you’ll enter Almaden Valley. Most likely, you’d do that on the Almaden Expressway, which can get you from the top of Almaden Valley to the bottom, and further in San Jose.

Almaden Valley contains dozens of neighborhoods. Thanks to different developers and communities, each neighborhood has a different feel. 

In terms of population density, Almaden Valley ranks as one of the lowest in San Jose. 

Is Almaden Valley Growing or Stable?

Data shows that Almaden Valley had a humbly-sized population of just 28,613 in 2016. Of the residents, 43% had children and most were 35 or older. 

  • 15% of the population were 35-44 years old
  • 18% of the population were 45-54 years old
  • 12% of the population were 55-64 years old 
  • 15% of the population were 65 and older  

The remaining 40% were 34 or younger.

Almaden Lake Park

Father and son at Almaden Lake Park - via Don DeBold

Fast forward to today. What has changed in almost a decade? 

Nowadays, the population of Almaden Valley is somewhere around 41,000 residents. Some higher estimates claim upwards of 47,000, though a different survey area may be the reason behind that. 

Almaden Valley age demographics remain fairly similar to 2016 stats, with percentages increasing for the 55 and up age range:

  • 13% of the population were 35-44 years old
  • 17% of the population were 45-54 years old
  • 14% of the population were 55-64 years old 
  • 18% of the population were 65 and older  

Here’s the Cost of Living in Almaden Valley

Almaden Valley residents often have to face HOA fees, along with a higher cost of living. 

When Almaden Valley is compared to the United States national averages:

  • The cost of living is 110% higher in Almaden Valley (49% higher than San Jose’s average).
  • Housing costs are 308% higher (208% in San Jose).
  • Goods and services are 19% more expensive.
  • Groceries are 30% more expensive.
  • Health care is 28% more expensive.
  • Utilities are 30% more expensive.
  • Sales tax is 42% higher (in California).

Should You Rent or Own in Almaden Valley California?

An obvious question to ask is, should you rent or buy a home in Almaden Valley?

Way back in 2016, 21% of the households in Almaden Valley were being rented. That percentage has dropped since then. According to 2023 and 2024 sources, renters now take up 15-16% of the properties, while the rest are owned.

Most rental options are over $2,000 per month and the median rent is estimated at $3,264. 

For interested homebuyers, the median listing price is $2,199,000.

Single family home in Almaden Valley

A typical single-family home found in Almaden Valley - via Flickr source

We offer clients a Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee, which basically safeguards your happiness in the new home. Should you fall out of love with your property, we’ll either sell it or buy it ourselves. Either way, you won’t be at a loss. Learn more about that right here.

Finding Jobs in Almaden Valley

The rate of unemployment is much lower in Almaden Valley than it is in San Jose (1.9% compared to 3.2%). 

It appears that the median income for households, males, and females are all higher in Almaden Valley compared to San Jose and California averages.

Almaden Valley is primarily residential, though some major industries are set up there. IBM, for example, has its Almaden Research Center, which is responsible for a slew of tech advances and probably has many more on the way. There are also various construction and building material companies.

Still, Almaden Valley’s primary function seems to be living space and home buyers are happy to commute to nearby workplaces. 

Top Spots Around Almaden Valley to Live 

The best places to live in Almaden Valley are ‌neighborhoods like:

  • Pierce Ranch - Small and affluent 
  • Shadow Brook - Super-sought after
  • The Almaden Villas - Peaceful views
  • Almaden Meadows - Large yet charming
  • Crosgate - Family oriented
  • Mountain Shadows - Mix of home styles
  • Country Club - Exclusive and comfortable

These seven neighborhoods deserve some of your attention. 

Almaden Valley is right on our doorstep. For a tour, or just a person-to-person chat with a realtor, we’ll happily help.

A lake in Almaden Valley

One of the many lakes in Almaden Valley - via Bunty4

The Many Neighborhoods of Almaden Valley

A few Almaden Valley neighborhoods to be completely (or mostly) residential, with very little in the way of basic shopping. This is not an issue, as there’s always a nearby option. There is very little retail activity in Almaden Hills, parts of Graystone, Almaden Estates, and Pfeiffer.  

Some Almaden Valley neighborhoods are more laden with shopping and services. TJ Martin Park, Crossgate, Sunrise Almaden, and Shadowbrook 1 and 2 are all well-served. Each has a large shopping center, featuring restaurants, banking, and all of the other services that residents need.

In alphabetical order, here are some of the well-known neighborhoods around Almaden Valley. Just ask us if you want firsthand details on a specific area.

  • Almaden Hills Estates: A lovely but exclusive spot in Almaden Valley, with views of Boulder Ridge Golf Club, Almaden Lake Park, and nearly instant access to the expressway. 
  • Almaden Meadows: Suburban-sized lots on spacious, walkable streets and the Almaden Meadows, a sprawling green space and ideal picnic place.
  • Almaden Springs: Large properties give way to even larger ones, semi-hidden among trees at the base of the California Ridge.
  • Almaden Villas: A townhome development to the west of Campton Chase, boasting a fantastic clubhouse and access to plenty of nature
  • Campagna: Small lots, but many homes are newly built.
  • Campton Chase: The northernmost neighborhood with plenty of newer homes, plus lake and park access.
  • Crossgates: Could be considered central Almaden Valley, with access to multiple schools and plenty of large suburban homes.
  • Country Club: Sought after and spacious, much of Almaden Country Club is arranged around the golf course and homes never disappoint in terms of square footage (especially down Crystal Springs Drive). 
  • Country View Estates: This area against the ridges provides classic Californian scenery and space for mansions of many sizes. 
  • Glencrest: Another small neighborhood in Almaden Valley, including Williams Elementary and Glenview Park.
  • Glenview Serenity: Lots of quiet cul-de-sacs and cozy suburban streets, with very little through traffic.
  • Graystone: A neighborhood with plenty of schooling options, leasure spots like Via Valiente Plaza, Singer Park, and the Almaden Cabana Club.
  • Guadalupe Oak Grove: This area has large single-family homes that sit right beside the large and beautiful Guadalupe Oak Grove Park.
  • Jeffrey Fontana Park: Just north of Los Alamitos, this neighborhood has slightly larger properties and is bordered by Jeffrey Fontana Park
  • Los Alamitos: A central Almaden Valley neighborhood with a suburban feel, access to shopping, and an elementary school
  • Montego: This private HOA sits on the south edge of Almaden, backing onto the Sierra Azul.
  • Montevideo: Built in the late 60s, this neighborhood is one of the oldest in Almaden Valley.
  • Mountain Shadows: At Almaden Valley’s southeastern tip, this neighborhood has plenty of newer builds, many with extensive solar paneling and large square footage.
  • Oak Canyon: Newer properties built around the 80s.
  • Pierce Ranch: Sitting beside Montego, you’ll find spacious lots and Castillero Middle School.
  • Silvercrest: A small neighborhood made up of a mix of single-family homes and gorgeous townhome complexes.
  • Shadow Brook 1 and Shadow Brook 2: A well-designed community, partially due to the HOA with an architectural committee at Shadowbrook 2. Bret Harte Middle School and Leland High School become education options for ‌families here. 
  • Sunrise Almaden: This area holds some of the best bargains in Almaden Valley, yet offers similar quality homes.
  • TJ Martin Park: Similar to Almaden Meadows, but with a swathe of park space running east to west.
  • Woodside: This neighborhood is between Graystone and Mountain Shadows, with spacious homes and direct access to the expressway.

The Almaden Valley Real Estate Market

Median sales prices and supply appear to follow the seasonal trends for 2023, with inventory dipping in the first few months of 2024. 

As for the price tags, the average sales price between December 2022 and 2023 was up over 12%. The median sales price was up around   18.5% over the same period. 

One clear trend in Almaden Valley is a lack of inventory. Compared to historical averages, single-family homes and condo inventory is down a significant amount. Looking at December 2022 and 2023 again, single-family supply is down 47.2% and condo supply is down over 31%. Sales fell slightly in 2023, likely due in part to this.

The Almaden Valley market is ideal for sellers, but buyers will need to get competitive and use the resources at their disposal. Since December 2022, the sales vs list price has risen by 6.8% according to some estimates.  

Entertainment Around Almaden Valley

You’re not cut off from the world in Almaden Valley. Via the Blossom Hill Road or the Almaden Expressway, the pavement will lead you to plenty of entertainment. Remember, downtown San Jose is just 20 minutes away, with plenty of restaurants, brunch spots, and boutique shopping along the way.

But inside Almaden Valley, you’ll want to know about the interesting spots to be and unique things to see. 

  • Almaden Quicksilver County Park: Let’s start with the obvious attractions first. Almaden Valley has strong ties to early American mining, much of it taking place in this park. All tunnels and mines have been sealed, but you can view one mine from behind a gate (San Cristobal). If history isn’t enough to tire you out, try the 37+ miles of trails, whether you’ve got a dog or a horse. A stop by the mining museum is highly recommended. 
  • Boulder Ridge Golf Club: If swinging a lightweight driver isn’t your thing, the views and a spectacular meal will be a fine backup plan. If you do golf, know that this course changes levels quickly and the views of San Jose are quite distracting. 
  • Almaden Lake Regional Park: While it might look small on Google Maps, this park has several picnic areas, BBQ stands, volleyball, and two horseshoe spots. It’s the quintessential summer view from the picnic blanket or as you stroll around the edge of the lake.
  • Almaden Golf and Country Club: A golfer’s 18-hole dream, but also a health-centric oasis with a swimming pavilion, tennis courts, fitness center, and pro shop This course is located in the Country Club neighborhood, in the south of Almaden Valley.

What is Near Almaden Valley?

North of Almaden Valley, the land is mostly residential to the Bay Area’s waters. The first San Jose zip codes you’ll encounter if you drive from Almaden Valley are Los Gatos, Cambrian, Blossom Valley, and Santa Teresa. Each offers a different range of options, prices, and surroundings. 

It takes about 20 minutes to reach central San Jose from the furthest points of Almaden Valley, though traffic could inflate that number.

If you’d like to browse the real estate crème de la crème, so to speak, here are the top 7 San Jose zip codes.

Downtown San Jose

Downtown San Jose - via Eric Fredericks

Getting away for day trips and weekend getaways is simple when Almaden Valley is the starting point. If a short drive is best, you can head into the many forests to the south, which lead up and over the Santa Cruz mountains

In the north, the Diablo Range has hiking, biking, wildlife observation, and much more. There are also plenty of historical sites to explore there, and it’s all within a short drive of Almaden Valley.

Also, the Alamitos Vineyards are right on Almaden Valley’s doorstep, just 13 minutes away. They picked up an award for the Nations Best in USA in a 2023 reader’s choice contest.

Almaden Valley from a trail view

A nice shot of Almaden Valley from a trail - via Don DeBold

Under ideal driving conditions:

  • It takes about 1 hour to reach Santa Cruz to the south.
  • It takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach San Francisco (either the east or west bay side).
  • It takes about 1 hour to reach Henry W. Coe State Park, an endless 87,000 acres of green space.
  • It takes about 4 hours to reach Yosemite National Park, a world-famous icon with hiking and more. 
  • It takes a little less than 6 hours to reach the nearest Disneyland in Los Angeles.

We Have Answers to Your Other Questions

Almaden Valley has lots of neighborhoods, which means there’s a lot to unpack - even before you move in. Nobody knows more about this market than the realtors who are currently buying and selling homes in Almaden Valley. That’s the Jamison Team.

We’ll discuss the trends in Almaden Valley, typical home prices, and our Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee.

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