The Importance of Curb Appeal in the Bay Area Housing Market

The Importance of Curb Appeal in the Bay Area housing Market

In the Bay Area housing market, curb appeal is vital. We’re not only talking about planting a few flowers and cutting the grass; curb appeal is much more than a few cosmetic touches with a green thumb. 

The term “curb appeal” makes it sound like beautifying a home for when buyers arrive in front of it, but it starts long before that! Potential buyers will see your home’s curb appeal from the moment they check the listing online. 

With the right curb appeal, you could see more interest in your listing and sell faster. You might even generate more profit from the sale, as the value of your property increases with updates or alterations. 

In the competitive Bay Area housing market, curb appeal should be a primary focus for sellers trying to maximize their gains. 

A home in the Bay Area

A well-manicured home in the Bay Area via Wonderlane

The Definition of Curb Appeal (with Examples)

Curb appeal is not an objective art, meaning that everyone will have a perspective on it. 

In simple terms: 

Curb appeal is the appearance of your home from a potential buyer’s point of view.

Buyers will get their first look at your home’s curb appeal online, but lovely photos aren’t enough to sell a property. Your home also has to have great curb appeal in person. 

What Exterior Features Are We Talking About?

When real estate agents talk about curb appeal, they mean anything visible from the street in front of the home. 

So, curb appeal includes a lot of different features, including:

  • Your home’s exterior paint
  • Wood features like porches, gates, and fences
  • Windows and molding 
  • Paths and walkways leading to the home
  • The driveway
  • The front garden and landscaping
  • All exterior lighting 

Even the curbs should have some curb appeal! 

Buyers are going to draw conclusions from what the front of your home looks like. If things look out of order or untidy, they might think the rest of the property will follow the same trend - and that’s bad news for sellers. 

What could this property from the Bay Area housing market do to boost its curb appeal?

A Bay Area Home Lacks Curb Appeal

A Bay Area home in need of a few touches via Wonderlane

What Does Curb Appeal Give Home Sellers?

Curb appeal goes a long way and can even affect your final listing price. You wouldn’t expect two identical properties to sell for the same price if one has great curb appeal and the other hasn’t cut the law in 2 years.

You’ll see much more interest in your property by maximizing its curb appeal. If you get the home’s exterior looking its best, buyers will be more likely to inquire and attend a staging. Your curb appeal will intrigue buyers, rather than turning them away.

Curb appeal could increase your listing price too. All of that cleaning, maintenance, and updating will increase the value of your home (if done correctly).

To recap, you could sell faster and for more profit if your curb appeal is appealing enough - but how can you do that without spending too much money?

Here’s How to Approach Your Home’s Curb Appeal

The aim is to maximize the visual appeal, and from that, maximize the perceived value. It involves a close look at the property, an assessment, and a question:

How can you take your home from its current state to its most attractive version on a reasonable budget? 

You’ll want to have a reasonable evaluation of the property so that you can sit down with a realtor and look at the changes you should make. 

Curb appeal is just one of the strategies realtors use to sell your home for more money - which is something we’ve written a whole book on! With some of the expert realtor-approved tips in our book, you could make at least $10-$30k more on your home sale (or more on more affluent properties). 

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Ways to Quickly Boost Curb Appeal in the Bay Area

Start by checking off basic cleaning before getting into more complex changes. It doesn’t matter how many fine details you improve if the broad strokes aren’t taken care of!

Firstly, the driveway, walkway, side paths, and curb might need some TLC. These areas could use a pressure wash (unless it was done recently), especially if there is oil residue, dirt, or mildew buildup. 

Landscaping and lawn maintenance are great ways to boost curb appeal too. There’s no need to make the garden into a botanical paradise, but it should be manicured and tidy. Leave your potential buyers feeling that the landscaping is taken care of and not another task they will inherit from you.

Potted plants and shrubbery can be an inexpensive way to raise your curb appeal. Other less-pricey features like exterior lighting, welcome mats, house numbers, and the mailbox, should be considered.

Larger tasks like house painting and roof maintenance can’t be forgotten about. If there’s a need, get an estimate on how much the work will cost. Chances are, if you spot an issue, it’s going to mean even more to potential buyers.

If you’re selling a property in the Bay Area housing market, get a local realtor to connect you with contractors. Repair costs are higher than in previous years, so getting good value is more important than ever. They’ll be able to get you in contact with professionals doing everything from pressure washing to painting. 

Let’s Talk About Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Every property is unique, so it can be tough to know how to boost your home's curb appeal. With the right changes, we can achieve the goal of curb appeal, which is, more profit for the property seller.

The Jamison Team has been serving the Bay Area housing market since 2008, so we’ve got plenty of experience transforming homes from curb-average to curb-appealing (with higher success rates than other agencies). 

We’d like to give you our opinion and help you decide which changes are vital (and which ones aren’t worth the extra cost).

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If you have more questions about what to expect from the markets around the Bay Area, don’t be afraid to reach out to us today. Our experts are experienced in all property types and the entire San Francisco Bay Area, and we can help you to find what you need to know today.

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