The Impact of Curb Appeal on Selling Your Home Quickly

The Impact of Curb Appeal on Selling Your Home Quickly

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How much does curb appeal matter? Isn’t it what’s on the inside that counts? 

It turns out that adage doesn’t apply to buying a home. The frontage is one of the first things that prospective homeowners may see. Naturally, it’s going to evoke certain emotions at first glance - and you need those feelings to be positive. If not, potential buyers may go elsewhere.

First, we’ll discuss why curb appeal is important, then show you some of the most effective ways of increasing it. 

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How Curb Appeal Can Affect Your Home Sale

Only one buyer can purchase your home, so some sellers might overlook curb appeal. Surely, someone out there doesn’t mind some peeling siding paint or the mildew on the walkway. Right?

Sure, there might be a buyer out there who will forgive front-of-house flaws. 

Here’s why you still need to focus on the curb appeal of your home:

  • Your home will probably take longer to sell.
  • With less demand, your home may sell for at or below its listing price. 
  • Buyers may negotiate discounts based on flaws or issues.
  • Buyers may request that you fix certain features before closing,
  • At the open house, low curb appeal could lower your chances of offers.

In general, lower curb appeal can delay a sale and in some cases, cause the homeowner expenses.

Why Curb Appeal Impacts Home Sales

Now that we’ve explained how curb appeal affects a home sale, it’s important to know why.

Research shows that curb appeal can raise your property’s value by up to 7%, and if you crunch the numbers, that’s not a small amount of profit.   

Here are some things buyers may think if your home doesn’t have curb appeal:

“I saw the listing photos and wasn’t interested.”

Most online listings display a single large thumbnail of the front of your home. This saves time for anybody trying to see as many choices as possible, but it also makes curb appeal more vital. 

But wait, isn’t it enough to hire professional real estate photographers? Unfortunately, there aren’t many shortcuts for generating curb appeal. Photographers can maximize beauty, but they can’t enhance any features. Also, savvy homebuyers and realtors will assess the home based on physical characteristics, not the way it gleams in the sunlight.

Some buyers will thoroughly evaluate many listings in the area, even if this first sighting doesn’t wow them. Others will pass right over it, judging the rest of the home based on the curb appeal. 


The first photo buyers see could decide a lot

“Does the inside look like the outside?”

Anybody with concerns about the home’s exterior may have doubts about the inside too. Whether it’s a general dirtiness or clear disrepair, it doesn’t leave a buyer optimistic about the rest of the property.

Less curb appeal has a trickle-down effect and can affect other areas of your home. For example, someone could see a broken roof panel or scuffed front door and wonder, “What else is in disrepair?”

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As a home seller, you want to alleviate a buyer’s concern as much as possible. With fewer issues and more appeal, you’ll naturally attract more buyers.

And, since the exterior of your home is one of the first things a potential buyer sees, it makes sense to improve your curb appeal.

“I want to live somewhere that looks nicer.”

Distilled down to its most basic level, curb appeal signifies something of value. Given the option, everyone takes the most visually attractive option. These are the kinds of homes that exude cleanliness, a history of maintenance, and something worth the asking price. 

Without enough curb appeal, the listing will fall below the standard of many would-be buyers. The home is also less likely to start a bidding war and accepting the asking price may become the best-case scenario. 

However, certain improvements and renovations can turn sub-par curb appeal around. Several projects have great ROI too, recouping any investment, plus some. 

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The Most Cost-Effective Ways to Increase Curb Appeal?

Not all improvements offer the same upside, so there are two ways to identify the best ones.

We need to look at a couple of sources, like the NAR’s 2023 Remodeling Impact Report.

For the exterior of the home, the report lists the 5 top-returning remodeling projects:

  • Roofing: 100% recovery of cost
  • Garage Door: 100% recovery of cost
  • Fiber Cement Siding: 86% recovery of cost
  • Vinyl Siding: 82% recovery of cost
  • Vinyl Windows: 67% recovery of cost

For the outdoor features, the report lists another 5 remodeling projects with the highest cost recoupment

  • Standard Lawn Care Service: 217% recovery of cost
  • Landscape Maintenance: 104% recovery of cost
  • Overall Landscape Upgrade: 100% recovery of cost
  • Outdoor Kitchen: 100% recovery of cost
  • New Patio: 100% recovery of cost

The other source you should consult is a real estate agent. It’s unlikely that any profession has more insight into what increases home value and what causes more expense than ROI. 

The Truth About Your Home’s Curb Appeal

When you saw how much each remodeling project recouped, were you surprised it wasn’t more? It’s important to remember that projects for your own home will have their ROI. Based on the contractor you use to remodel and the area you live in, the recoupment could be more or less.

For example, some renovations and upgrades can have more impact than others in the Pacific region of the U.S. (especially in the Bay Area).

Whenever you’re unsure about something real estate-related, just ask a professional. When it comes to curb appeal, they’ve seen more comparable properties than anyone. They’ll be able to see what your home needs to meet the standard in your local area and attract offers. 

Talk with an experienced realtor about curb appeal, the best times of year to sell, and ways to guarantee a sale. Our team can be reached online or by phone.

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