Property Security Tips For Residential Property Managers

Property security tips for residential property managers

Of the many tasks that property managers must carry out, maintaining adequate security and safety standards is arguably paramount. Without a guaranteed standard of safety and security, successful residential property management is virtually impossible, as tenant turnover will likely be high, and attracting good quality tenants will be challenging to say the least.

There are a variety of security measures that can be utilized to help keep a residential property well protected from theft, property damage, assault, and other criminal acts. Not only will this create a safer environment, enabling you to attract and maintain a preferred demographic of tenants, but it may also protect against a tenant suing for property damage as a result of any security negligence.

Here are some top security tips for managers of residential properties:

Install advanced access control systems
One of the best ways to maintain property security is to carefully control who has the ability to access the building and grounds in the first place, and installing an access control system is the way to do it.

Modern access control systems come as smart tech that can be managed via the cloud, integrated into other security systems, and are a vital component to managing access permissions, both temporary and permanent.

Many multi-tenant properties feature keypad control system to allow tenants and permitted visitors to enter the premises using a specially assigned code. This allows managers to easily issue and revoke access permissions in real-time, enabling maximum protection and security efficiency. Such systems provide optimal peace of mind to residents as they know it is much more difficult for anyone to access the property unauthorized.

Install deadbolt locks on all doors
Deadbolts should be installed on all external property doors to maximize security. Deadbolt locks provide enhanced security over regular locks; they are stronger and can help to deter opportunistic criminals from attempting to gain unlawful entry.

Install security camera solutions
It’s impossible for managers, even with a team of staff, to maintain a close eye on all corners of the property at all times, and this is where security cameras come in. Not only can live monitoring of security camera footage assist in preventing security breaches, but it can also help to capture vital information that could lead to the arrest of perpetrators.

Install live CCTV monitoring in parking areas
Far too many residential properties fail to sufficiently monitor parking lots, and especially in multi-tenanted complexes, this can create a prime opportunity for criminals.

By installing a live CCTV monitoring system in all parking areas, any crimes relating to tenant vehicles, or the incidence of attacks in isolated or dimly lit areas can be intercepted. Moving between vehicle and home can be a particularly vulnerable time, especially at night, and good quality cameras can assist security personnel in detecting potential threats in real-time.

Utilize motion sensors
By utilizing sensors to track motion, you can not only help to scare would-be intruders away, but deter them altogether. Additionally, motion sensors designed to activate lighting upon detecting motion provide tenants with much-needed light when arriving or leaving their home.

Integrate an alarm system
An integrated alarm system essentially completes the security system by raising an alert to any potential or ensuing threats to safety. The latest systems can even incorporate AI technology for enhanced threat detection, but at a more basic level, an alarm system still helps to alert security personnel (on or off-site) to security threats, allowing for a more efficient response, and hopefully a reduction in potential damages.

Keep common areas secure
Common areas are notorious for attracting opportunistic criminals, as they tend to feature an abundance of personal items that aren’t always closely attended to.

Shared areas such as pools, gyms, laundry facilities, and BBQ areas are often targeted by unauthorized users, especially if security is poor. By ensuring that all common areas are installed with access control measures and camera surveillance, you can greatly reduce the risk of petty crime (or worse) occurring in these spaces.

Carry out comprehensive tenant screening
Of course, while the safety of your tenants is paramount, it’s essential to ensure that you only accept good-quality tenants in the first place. Make sure to run comprehensive tenant screening checks on any potential candidate to avoid inviting a criminal to live in your property.

Good communication is also key
It’s vital to the success and safety of any residential property to maintain a good level of communication with your tenants. Be sure to inform tenants whenever contractors will be in attendance, and encourage them to report anything they might notice that appears out of the ordinary. In addition, ensure that all tenants are well aware of the policies in place regarding visitors and guests, and routinely audit access records to check that these standards are being upheld.

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