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Expired Listings in California How We Sell Them

Expired real estate listings aren’t the end of the world. A different approach can turn the whole situation around.

Listings that linger too long can expire, leaving homeowners a bit unsure of the next steps. Remember, a home is a complex purchase. It could be one or several different factors that are holding up the sale. We can safely say, it is probably not the choice of shrubbery or the kitchen counter. 

Realtors can identify the problem quickly. Without monitoring the market, knowing comparable properties, and tracking buying habits, you won’t have the same level of insight. 

So, if you’ve got an expired home in California, this is the solution. We’ll explain the process and what you should do - but we’ve written something more in-depth too. 

This free book from Bob and Sandy Jamison is our way of helping homeowners with expired or soon-to-be-expired properties. It won’t cost anything to get your hardcopy, just let us know where to deliver it.

Get it SOLD! Home-Selling Secrets from a Top Agent, Book

Get It Sold! Home-Selling Secrets From a Top Agent

Why Do Real Estate Listings Expire?

An expired home in California can happen for several reasons. It could be a single factor or a multitude.

The Price is Too High

Overpricing is a common reason for expired listings in California. If buyers can’t see or feel the value, they’re likely to look elsewhere. In a market like California, choice is all around. Combine that with the fact that a home is one of the most expensive purchases we will ever make. Most people don’t mind overpaying for smaller purchases, like popcorn at a theater - but not a home. 

The Marketing Failed

Without targeting buyers effectively, there aren’t enough eyes on your listing. This is usually a mistake that inexperienced realtors make. The same is true for some online realtors who lure home sellers with low commissions but won’t market effectively.

The Property is in Disrepair

Some buyers might accept price reductions, but a home in bad condition repels interest. Disrepair comes in many forms. Some are easily fixable, while others are serious issues. For example, peeling paint, a cracked window, or faulty outdoor lighting. Those can all be turned around within a couple of days at a relatively low cost. However, things like mold, leaking roof tiles, or a broken HVAC system will be intolerable to prospective buyers - and costly.

You Sold During Economic Instability

An unstable real estate market or job market can make selling difficult for anyone. Recently, the pandemic threw the entire California real estate market for a while, but analysts predict a rebound. 

And Many More

Plenty of other things can make your home look unsavory to buyers. The community might not be commuter-friendly, crime rates could be high, or ‌job prospects might be low. It’s important to be aware of these things and make a plan for them. A price reduction doesn’t solve every situation, but it can mitigate some factors.

A California Home

A California home: can you spot areas that need attention? - via Dennis Jarvis

How Do We Sell Expired Listings?

Apply the right strategy to the right problem - that’s what you need to do. 

So, we’ve gone over various reasons that California listings expire, but now, let’s talk solutions.

Solutions are one of the reasons that our agency, The Jamison Team, has a higher success rate than others. We’ve seen properties in all kinds of conditions, with all kinds of flaws. And, not everything is observable to the naked eye. Market and buyer tendencies are just as important, so it’s a good thing that we are in tune with both. 

We speak about all of this in our hardcover real estate book, and we’ll send it to you for free. Just let us know where the package should arrive.

We will pinpoint the reason your home isn’t selling.

It might not take long for us to spot the issue. We’ll look at the strategy you already tried, which didn’t perform well. We’ll also take note of the time of year and market trends that were at play when you listed the expired home in California. The issue can usually be confirmed before long. 

We will remove the obstacles preventing the sale.

Once the problem is found, we’ll take care of it, hopefully in a way that preserves the budget. The goal is a successful sale and there is almost always a path to that result.

We will step up your marketing in the right places.

Your home’s marketing involves everything from photos to advertising. We’ll give your home the exposure it needs, but more importantly, in the places where buyers will see it. We prefer a targeting marketing approach that doesn’t waste advertising spending.

We will show your home to buyers in its prime state.

Once we’ve brought interest to your listing, it’s important to finalize gracefully. This means presenting your home in its best shape and telegraphing a high value to buyers. Our agency has plenty of experience doing this; over 15 years, to be exact.

If you’d like to ask more specific questions about your home, we are here to help. We can lend a lot of experience and turn expired (or expiring) listings around.

Clean and Simple Home

A clean and simply-presented home - via Brad Coy

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