Morgan Hill Homes for Sale: Your Dream Home Awaits

Morgan hill homes for sale: Your dream home awaits

Morgan Hill is an excellent city in Santa Clara County, California - and we’ll tell you why. After you know what this area offers, you can check out specific neighborhoods within Morgan Hill.

If you ask a realtor to sum up Morgan Hill, they’ll probably speak about the affluent homes, locally-grown fruit and produce, historic atmosphere, and lively entertainment district.

The 47,000+ residents of Morgan Hill would say some of the same things, while also pointing out the local farmers market and wineries. 

Let’s examine why this is a great part of Silicon Valley to live in and then look at the Morgan Hill homes for sale (and prices.)

Morgan hill elementary school historic building

The historic Morgan Hill Building, now Stratford Morgan Hill private schools via Cristiano Tomás

People Love Living in Morgan Hill CA Because…

Anyone searching for Bay Area beauty will browse Morgan Hill homes for sale at some point. It’s a special city with an affluent, yet cozy and welcoming feel. 

The climate is mild and Mediterranean, just like some of the architecture. Luckily for residents, the terrain isn’t conducive to windstorms, tornadoes, or thunderstorms.  

If you buy a home in Morgan Hill, you’ll be waking up in one of the most gorgeous places in the Bay Area with no shortage of amenities and other modern essentials. You’ll be spending weekends hiking through stunning county parks, tasting local wines, or doing some shopping on Monterey Road.

In the evening, check out The Playhouse (a renovated church from the 1920s-era)  for all kinds of musical performances, lectures, debates, and more.

Rolling hills in Morgan Hill

A Morgan Hill view of rolling hills via Evan Blaser

What about basic services in Morgan Hill, like hospitals? 

For different kinds of medical care, Morgan Hill residents can head to De Paul Health Center or Valley Health. 

Education is another basic need that Morgan Hill offers residents, with above-average public schools like the Charter School of Morgan Hill, Ann Sobrato High School, and the Summit Public School, just to name a few. 

Morgan Hill is in Silicon Valley, about a 25-minute drive from Downtown San Jose. There are tech companies operating inside Morgan Hill, but plenty of the younger professionals will find themselves commuting during the week. Using public transport, it takes about one hour to make it to Central San Jose.

Downtown Morgan Hill

A historic section Morgan Hill via Cristiano Tomás

Fun fact about Morgan Hill: This is one of the few areas where the precious gem called the Morgan Hill poppy jasper can be found. The variety is known as Orbicular jasper, known for small orbs within the gem, which are created by volcanic activity.

Morgan Hill Neighborhoods to Know

In Morgan Hill, there are several principal neighborhoods:

  • Downtown Morgan Hill is the business and entertainment spot in Morgan Hill.
  • Paradise Valley is close to the Chesbro and Uvas Reservoirs on the hillside.
  • Llagas Valley is a quiet area up in the hills near Mount Madonna County Park.
  • South Morgan Hill and unincorporated San Martin.
  • North Morgan Hill and unincorporated Coyote Valley.
  • Anderson Lake (including parts of Henry W. Coe State Park).
  • Madrone in Morgan Hills northwestern district.

The Homes in Morgan Hill, California

People moving to the Bay Area should see an updated list of Morgan Hill homes for sale. The architecture here usually has Spanish, Mediterranean, or Craftsman themes, with soft brown, sand, and stone tones. This gives the neighborhoods a slightly exotic feeling at times, while still fitting in perfectly with the Californian scenery.

Listed home in Morgan Hill

An example of a listed home in Morgan Hill

The homes on either side of Morgan Hill (near Anderson Lake to the northeast and Chesbro Reservoir to the west) get far better views than the ones in Downtown Morgan Hill, plus a bit of a lifestyle change. Expect much lower traffic and quieter streets the further away from the downtown area you are - with direct access to the trail network for your afternoon walks.

Most of the properties are single-family homes with one or two floors, mostly for sale, but there are some rental options on the market starting around $1,800 per month.

In October 2023, our Morgan Hill properties had a median list price of $1.35 million

If you want access to San Jose but don’t want to live in such an urbanized area, Morgan Hill is a viable option.

Chat About Morgan Hill Options with a Realtor

Browsing an updated list of Morgan Hill homes for sale is a starting point, but get a local realtor to explain the finer details of the real estate transaction. You’ll want to understand more about the local neighborhood, attractions, and future developments.

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