How to Sell Homes Others Failed To Sell

How to Sell Homes Others Failed to Sell

Nothing’s worse than listing a home for sale and receiving very few offers. Sometimes, those offers might be too low for you to accept, so the search for a buyer continues. 

But hold on a moment; this isn’t the time for waiting around and hoping someone takes a liking to your property. The home’s features are under the microscope, from the siding to the shrubs and the price to the plumbing. One could be an obstacle for potential buyers. 

An Expired Home Sale

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Homes in California sell after about six weeks. Looking at a specific city, like Campbell, the average days on the market might drop to two weeks. 

Some homes go way beyond the average and fail to sell, but realtors have strategies in place. Our team has this down to a science and we’ve put it all into a book - which you can have delivered for free

A 3-Step Formula to Sell the Unsellable Homes

The three-step formula you’re about to hear isn’t a standalone cure-all. It is, however, a great starting point for homes in California that fail to sell on the first listing. 

#1. Improve your home’s marketing. 

If you aren’t seeing much interest in your listing, you’ve got to reevaluate your marketing plan. Photos are the obvious first step and play a vital role in generating curiosity from buyers. If an agent somehow missed marketing opportunities, then your home never got the spotlight it deserved. 

#2. Identify the reasons your home isn’t selling.

It’s not always the money. Even if the price is below average, something still could be turning buyers away. You won’t always know the reason, so you could ask friends or realtors what they think. If you haven’t received many offers, marketing and pricing are likely culprits. When potential buyers view the home but lose interest, that points to other problems.

#3. Have a successful staging.

The numbers are incredible when it comes to staged vs unstaged homes. Staged homes can sell for 10-15% more than their unstaged comparables. Beyond extra profit, a well-staged home is more likely to win over your potential buyers. The staging professionals who work with your local realtors have this down to a science.

These three tips are straight out of chapter 16 of our book; How to Sell Homes Others Failed To Sell. We’ll mail one to you, completely free of charge.    

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Key Techniques Real Estate Pros Use to Sell Homes

With those three fundamental tips in the last section, you’re off to a good start. These are a few other ways a good realtor can sell a home that failed to sell - or complete the sale the first time.    

Choose the Perfect Listing Price

At the end of the day, a home’s listing price will always be a top consideration for buyers. Price the home too low, and there go the profits you deserve from the sale. Price the home too high and you might be forced to reduce the price later on. 

The great news is, that any competent local realtor has a keen understanding of what sells for what price. The comparable properties are a factor, but so is the current market trend, and upcoming developments. A local realtor knows all three of those things.

Grab Your Buyer’s Attention

Camera quality has never been better, so nobody has an excuse for listing low-quality pictures. Your home has to stand out among nearby listings, or at the very least, meet the same visual standard. If buyers are quickly scrolling through homes, how does yours compare? 

These days, it’s inexpensive to get a California home photographed inside and out. Larger homes should have drone shots to capture larger features and overall size, which remains a low-cost operation compared to the listing price (and definitely, compared to helicopter photography).

Staged Kitchen

An immaculate kitchen ready for listing (or staging) via source

Negotiation Strategies that Work

Effective negotiation takes experience and exposure to lots of situations. Understanding a buyer’s motivation can help with the negotiations. For example, some buyers might adore the swimming pool, proximity to schools, or the balcony’s view. Knowing this can be an asset during negotiations when you’re trying to get the most value from your home sale.

Experienced realtors know when to meet in the middle, when to go lower, and when to walk away. In California, the Jamison Team has a proven track record and a higher success rate than other realtors. You should collect our free book on selling homes that failed to sell, which is full of golden real estate advice - at no cost. We’ll mail the free book to you, with no strings attached. 

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