Getting Your Home Ready to Rent Out to Vacationers

Getting Your Home Ready to Rent Out for Vacationers

Tips for Turning Your Home into a Vacation Rental: A Guide

There are plenty of benefits to turning your home into a vacation rental. In order to reap the benefits, however, you can’t just jump in without knowing what you’re doing. The best vacation rentals monopolize on the location as a selling point and create an experience that is different from typical hotel stays. If you’re considering dipping your toes in the world of vacation property rentals, Tuscana Properties offers the following tips to get you started.

Location, Location, Location

Vacationers are looking for a destination, a retreat, and an experience. All homeowners renting out their home need to sell the surroundings. If you’re marketing a Bay Area home to get visitors or impress your guests when they arrive, you’ll want to highlight the lush surroundings and the beauty of nature and show them where to venture and find the best views. Vacation rental homes in San Jose are a hot commodity. Guests will enjoy local gems such as the Winchester Mystery House, Mountain Winery in nearby Saratoga, eclectic Japantown, or Southern Kitchen Coffee Spot for a bite of breakfast. Wherever your home is, you’ll want to share the local eateries, landmarks, activities, and beauty.

A Welcoming Entry

The exterior entrance, doorway, and interior entryway should be inviting to your guests. If the exterior is in shambles, your guests will want to run away. Make sure the landscaping is maintained, and add beautiful plants, lighting, and an accessible walkway. If you have multiple entry points, make it clear with welcome signs, lighting, and railings.

Keyless locks are essential to any good vacation home. It eliminates the need to keep track of keys, and it allows you to secure the premises after each renter departs by changing the passcode. Once your guests experience the beautiful exterior of your home and enter with little fuss, they should be greeted with a “wow” experience, like walking into a hotel lobby. As your guests come in with luggage, make sure nothing is blocking their path. Also, introduce unique furniture, art, natural light, and a place for them to put their belongings down.

Creating a Slumber Wonderland

Sleep is essential to any good day. After some much-needed rest and relaxation, your guests will leave you to rave reviews. Build beds that have comfortable mattresses, exquisite thread count bedding, and hotel-quality pillows. Use natural white bedding that you can bleach and spot all the imperfections after each use. Quality beds and bedding can be a big expense, but you are sure to get a return on your investment as your guests leave reviews about the wonderful slumber they had while staying at your little oasis. You can even save money on decor and linens by seeking out online deals and discounts.

It's All in the Details

You will want to give your guests a full-service experience. Guests who are investing in renting a home instead of staying in a traditional hotel may want to save their money on dining out every night and cook at the house. Beautiful kitchens and bathrooms will attract visitors and give you stellar ratings. If your home needs updates and upgrades, make them sooner rather than later.

View yourself as the general manager of your own hotel. For each guest:

  • Provide hand soap at each sink.
  • Layout some great towels and extra linens.
  • Provide shampoo, conditioner, and lotion.
  • Provide a little treat like cookies or a local goodie.
  • Stock the fridge with water and wine.
  • Leave a guide that details house features and local spots.

If you’re thinking about renting out your home to vacationers, it’s important to focus on and market the location and to give special attention to the entrance of the home. Also, do whatever is necessary to provide your guests with a great night of sleep, and don’t forget the minor details that can make a major difference.

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