Fast Home Sales for Top Dollar: How Do We Do It?

Fast Home Sales for Top Dollar: How Do We Do It?

Some home sellers may have the luxury of time. They wait for the perfect buyers, turn away low offers, and patiently look forward to selling their homes.

But that’s not your home-selling situation. You’d prefer to wrap things up promptly while hitting financial goals. This isn’t just a self-serving strategy - it’s smart for several reasons. By quickly getting your home on and off the market, you avoid price reductions, and the next stage of your life can begin.

You can read about a top realtor team’s strategies in this book - Photo via Canva

The good news is that your real estate agent has several strategies to tip the timer in your favor. We’d like to introduce you to How to Sell Homes Fast for Top Dollar by Bob and Sandy Jamison, an extremely successful pair of realtors heading an agency in Santa Clara County, CA. This hard copy book is completely free and can be delivered to your doorstep

Here are some of the realtor’s top strategies to sell homes fast, for maximum value.

What The Jamison Team Teaches Sellers

The book How to Sell Homes Fast for Top Dollar sheds light on the methods realtors use daily. You'll hear Bob and Sandy's professional strategies on initial steps like setting a listing price, marketing, staging, and even final negotiations. 

Bob and Sandy Jamison’s seller-focused book 

Here’s a closer look at what the book covers:

  • First Steps

Seasoned sellers will probably skip this section and move on to chapters on marketing or staging. However, first-timers will gain a lot of valuable knowledge in Chapter 2. Bob and Sandy Jamison reveal how prices are set, using market value, appraisal value, and assessed value.

Pricing a home for sale is vital. Set it too low and you’ll deal with a bidding war, but probably remain below market value. Set it too high and you’ll delay the home sale, facing a shortage of offers. Most realtors will price homes very close to market value, or slightly under, hoping to generate more interest. However, The Jamison Team sells for 5% more on average, significantly higher than nearby realtors.

But once you and your realtor have set a price, you must be ready to start marketing.

  • Marketing

Realtors who want to be successful need to use modern marketing strategies. It’s no longer enough to post the home in the agency’s window or publish it in the classified section. You need to be targeting potential buyers, utilizing online MLS, and getting the word (which a realtor’s network is perfect for). Some established agencies have entire catalogs of buyers ready to make offers, which could massively shorten the sale time. 

Press your realtor for details because you’ll want to hear their marketing plan. 

  • Staging

“Creating an appealing home - one that potential buyers can envision themselves living in - is the best investment in the sales effort.”

What Bob and Sandy Jamison mean is showing the home in fantastic condition, ready to be displayed to potential buyers. This can be quite a taxing time for the homeowner and their family. You might be unsure how to present the property and what to do with the contents. When done correctly, staging a home shouldn’t impact you negatively or drag on for too long. For this, the book gives a roadmap.

  • Negotiating

Instead of sitting back once offers flood in, negotiating well can sculpt your deal into something better. Also, being a savvy negotiator can protect you from unnecessary hurdles and contingencies. 

The Jamison Team encourages power negotiating. In this case, strength comes from understanding your property, the buyer’s motivations, and the market. 

“When facing an informed buyer, remember that the party with the most options will win the negotiation.” - Bob and Sandy’s words on the competitive pressure of real estate negotiations.

There are time pressures for sellers too, which means an expert negotiator must solidify relationships and move toward the finish line promptly. Failing to reach common ground and complete the sale could be costly. If things fall apart with your buyers, you’ll have to restart the process or offer up discounts, and neither of those are attractive options.

  • Reasons to Use Realtors

Shouldn’t you sell privately and collect more profit? Surely, with a few YouTube videos and online articles, it’s possible?

After laying down top dollar selling techniques, the book reaches the final chapter, Why Hire an Agent?

While it's undoubtedly true that we live in the era of information, selling a home is complex. The NAR has found that private sellers often sell their homes for less money. Even after the realtor commission and fees are removed, a private seller may still end up with less profit. 

Realtors will look to maximize your profit - Photo via Canva

Then, there’s the workload a private seller will need to take on. The pricing, marketing, staging, pre-listing inspections, and other tasks will not simply fall into place. Each step will take time to complete and prowess to complete successfully. Realtors spend their careers honing these skills and each one could affect your final profit.

So, by taking on the workload of a realtor, it might not have the desired results. 

If you want to know how a realtor supports you and aims for top dollar, asking them directly is the fastest way to find out. After you’ve had your free copy of their book delivered, the Jamison Team is also ready for your questions. Contact us anytime to speak with one of our realtors and talk about the specifics of your home sale. 

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