Exploring Homes for Sale in San Jose, California

Eploring Homs for Sale in San Jose, California

You're checking out homes for sale in San Jose California, but which areas are worth your time?

The third largest city in California is one of the strongest economies in all of America. IT, manufacturing, and business services are all points of pride and prosperity for San Jose. The natural beauty all over San Jose is another thing that attracts people. 

It is not just employment that San Jose provides, but also, a healthy lifestyle

We want you to have a better understanding of San Jose and point you in the direction of great properties in quality neighborhoods.  

Downtown San Jose

Downtown San Jose via Allie_Caulfield

Why is Living in San Jose a Smart Move?

There are lots of advantages to buying a home in San Jose.

If you’re aiming for the top of the tech food chain in America, you’ll find it here in San Jose. Google, Apple, Adobe, Cisco, eBay, Tesla, and many other tech titans have set up shop here - and they all need well-qualified staff.

Excellent weather pairs perfectly with a healthy, outdoorsy lifestyle, which you’re sure to have if you choose one of the homes for sale in San Jose California. This city gets around 300 days of sunshine every year, which is way more than most cities in the country (and definitely most of Canada).

You’ll be happy to have so many sunny days, especially living a short drive from California’s endless coastline and mountains running beside the Bay Area (where you’ll find quite a few wineries).

San Jose’s solid education system with above-average K-12 schools and universities is very appealing for families moving to the area. Whatever age students are, there’s almost always a handful of great options to choose from.

A job opportunity and a successful interview can make moving to San Jose far easier. You’ll want to have a steady income for your own peace of mind, but also to secure a mortgage. When you want to make the move - use our Move for Free service. 

Which San Jose Neighborhoods Should You Research?

Which neighborhoods really offer you what you want? You should be able to work, shop, exercise, and relax, without going far from your front door. 

A lot of the zip codes and neighborhoods and homes in San Jose California offer that, with much more.

Take a Look at Willow Glen

Willow Glen is just as charming as the name sounds. The area is known for tree-lined streets, heritage buildings, and a love for unique architecture. Of all the homes for sale in San Jose California, the ones in Willow Glen may have the most character and quirkiness.

Willow Glen is neighbored by Downtown San Jose to its north.

In October 2023, the median listing price on our site was around $1.7 million

Don’t Miss Evergreen and Silver Creek Listings

Evergreen is on the larger side, situated southeast of Central San Jose. The East Foothills above Evergreen lend themselves well to golfing, hiking, and trails that take residents to spectacular skyline views. Montgomery Hill Park (above Evergreen College) is one of the most beautiful places to be in the spring when the grasslands are covered in blooming wildflowers. The nearby Cunningham Lake is beautiful year-round and perfect for weekend strolls.

Cunningham Lake in Evergreen

Cunningham Lake in Evergreen via Daniel Cukierg

In Silver Creek, the median listing price was $865,000 in October 2023. That’s far lower than most cities in San Jose, likely because of the broad range of property types and values. There’s plenty of newly-built property, but many older homes are maintained and renovated.

Silver Creek is one of the neighborhoods in Evergreen. It’s affluent, spacious, and quite exclusive. The beautiful homes line the grass-covered hills and get awesome views of downtown San Jose, which is only 15 minutes away by car.

Both areas are well-served by shopping malls (like Evergreen Village and Canyon Plaza), schools, medical centers, and leisure spots. 

Our site shows a median listing price in Evergreen of around $1.75 million in October 2023.

West San Jose is Worth a Look

West San Jose is thought to be safer than the average San Jose neighborhood, which makes the parks and walking paths even more welcoming. It’s a quiet neighborhood, ideal for families, but also professionals who want to escape the Downtown hustle.

The homes in West San Jose have urban-suburban stylings, with a range of prices from ultra-affordable to multi-million. If you’re willing to do some searching, it’s very likely that you find a lovely home here.

On our website, the median listing price for West San Jose homes is around $1.25 million

How About Some Expert Help?

If you haven’t made up your mind yet, one of our realtors will be happy to help. The best homes for sale in San Jose California sometimes aren’t easy to find, but real estate agents always have the latest news. Who knows which pre-listed or newly-listed property you might hear about before anyone else? 

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If you have more questions about what to expect from the markets around the Bay Area, don’t be afraid to reach out to us today. Our experts are experienced in all property types and the entire San Francisco Bay Area, and we can help you to find what you need to know today.

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