Alameda County: Beautiful Cities To Know About

Alameda is Spanish for “tree-lined path” and the county is the 7th largest of the 58 in California, with over 1.6 million residents. The beautiful Bay Area runs along the West coast of Alameda County, with rolling hills and beautiful countryside to the East.

Alameda County is known for average highs of 20 degrees Celsius and average lows of 9 degrees Celcius. Access to the coast and mountains gives residents a neverending list of places to explore, like the Redwood Regional Park. Education is another feather in Alameda County’s cap, with fantastic institutions like the University of California Berkeley and the College of Alameda.

This county is quite large, so you’ll always be able to find space, despite it having over a million residents. The population is mainly built up inside ‌major cities like Oakland and Fremont, which account for almost half of Alameda County’s residents.

The area of Alameda County is huge, around 813 square miles to be exact. It’s full of fantastic cities, 5 of which we’ll cover here.

Alameda county

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Fremont: Bay Access and Spacious Parks

Let’s start with the beautiful city of Fremont in Southern Alameda County. It’s known as the hardware side of the bay and it’s also where Steve Jobs opened the first manufacturing site for Apple. Don’t think that Fremont is all factories though; it's full of livable neighborhoods and sprawling green space, including several lakes.

About 230,000 residents called Fremont home in 2020, boosted by the tech and automobile industries nearby. Everyone’s looking for nature within reach of a city's amenities; Fremont provides that, and more.


Fremont is a well laid-out mix of manufacturing, retail, and living spaces

If you’re moving to the area, you’ll have direct access to Central Park. This massive park includes a lake, dog park, sports complex, baseball field, and even a golf course.

Home prices in the Fremont area are higher than the national average, with a median home price of around $1.35m.

The City of Alameda and West Alameda

The primary location of the City of Alameda is on Alameda Island, within Alameda County (that’s a lot of Alamedas). It also spreads over a few smaller islands, including Farm Island and Coast Guard Island. “Island City” is considered one of California's best places to live, and it’s easy to see why.

Nearby tech industries in Silicon Valley are thriving, the weather is heavenly, and the education system is excellent.

The median home price in the City of Alameda was $1,179,600 in Feb 2023. The market is competitive and homes sell quickly.