5 Top Neighborhoods with Homes for Sale in Saratoga, CA

5 top neighborhoods with homes for sale in Saratoga CA

Saratoga, California is a neighborhood near San Jose that started as a frontier settlement and still feels like a small town. On a map, you’ll find it to the west of San Jose, up against the Santa Cruz Mountains. The area is well-served in terms of shopping and restaurants, despite feeling distant from the Bay Area hustle and bustle.

Back in the 1800s, orchards and vineyards turned Saratoga into a popular trading post. Around the same time, French champagne grapes arrived in the area, destined for the fertile California soil. Locals can get lunch or dinner just minutes away in the wineries that dot the hillside

Present-day Saratoga is more residential than it was back then, but there are still industries here. A few software and electronics businesses are headquartered in the city, though over 57% of residents are over the age of 45 years old and close to retirement.

Streets in Saratoga CA

Saratoga California, not to be confused with Saratoga, NY - via Naotake Murayama

Here are 5 of the best neighborhoods to find homes for sale in Saratoga CA (in no particular order).

Upper Saratoga 

In the Saratoga hilltops, you’ll find some of the most luxurious mansions beside modest megahomes. The views you’re guaranteed from this vantage point are world-class and sure to make any property here fantastic for hosting guests. 

The main road up here, Big Basin Way, branches off into several quiet forested roads. Properties here are secluded and often sit on large plots of land. From upper Saratoga, locals can take roads over the Santa Cruz Mountains or head in the other direction to San Jose (a 24-minute drive away).

The Hakone Estate and Gardens in the area is a must-see display of traditional Japanese arrangements and tea rooms.

The Hakone Estate and Gardens

The Hakone Estate and Gardens - via Neela Lind

The homes highest up the hillside are among the most expensive Saratoga CA real estate you’ll find. 

Montalvo Arts Center is another attraction you’ve got to visit, held in a beautiful historic home (previously owned by a person who named the state of California).

The Montalvo Arts Center

The Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga - via Rob Corder

Saratoga Woods

Saratoga Woods is exactly the style of neighborhood families choose to live in. It’s a small neighborhood, bordered to the west by Saratoga Creek and Saratoga Avenue to the east. The quiet streets are wide and don’t get much through traffic, even with the Prospect High School in the area. 

Most properties here are single-story, conservatively styled, and have large front gardens. Don’t be fooled by humble exteriors; these properties are coveted and usually have impressive listing prices.  

Golden Triangle 

Below Saratoga Woods is a much larger neighborhood called Golden Triangle. It’s a triangular patch of land bordered by Saratoga Sunnyvale Road, Cox Avenue, and Saratoga Avenue in the east.

The area is almost entirely residential except for a few schools, parks, and a shopping center (featuring banks, a fitness studio, a Starbucks, and Safeway). There is a range of property prices in Golden Triangle, with few options to choose from. 

Finding homes for sale in Saratoga CA costing less than $1 million is definitely possible in this neighborhood, just 15 minutes from Downtown San Jose.

A home in Saratoga CA

A Saratoga home - via David Sawyer

Quito Village 

Right next to Saratoga Woods is Quito Village, another small section of Saratoga worth looking at. The area is well organized so that it's easy to get on main expressways for commutes, but doesn’t invite traffic on the residential streets. Speedbumps will remind you of that as you slowly cruise the treelined streets.

Quito Village has its own place for softball, volleyball, and horseshoe games in El Quito Park.  It’s a great place for play or picnicking, and the community even shows outdoor movies here on some nights.

Homes are usually Craftsman-style, but there are Spanish and Mediterranean examples here and there. Almost every building in the area is single-story, except for the commercial buildings, like the local business park.


Brookview may be one of the best neighborhoods in Saratoga CA because of how tranquil the streets are. This neighborhood runs alongside the Saratoga River for a short distance, starting at Prospect Road and going to Expressway 85.

There’s a small park called Brookglen Court Neighborhood Playground near the bottom of Brookview where locals can go for a stroll or picnic snack. If this green space gets too small, there’s Murdock Park and Kevin Moran Park nearby (and the Santa Cruz Mountains are a short drive away).

One thing you need to know is that the Saratoga CA real estate market can be a competitive one. There are not as many listed properties in these neighborhoods as there are in other spots around the Bay Area, which usually favors home sellers. 

Buyers will need to jump on opportunities and evaluate homes for sale in Saratoga CA quickly, before the chance to make an offer is gone.

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