5 Things to Consider When Downsizing From Your Bay Area Home

5 Things to consider when downsizing from your bay area home

Downsizing can feel like a struggle, but there’s an excellent reason to do it. The average Bay Area home usually has a large floor plan and even larger gardens, so moving to a smaller property can take a little adjustment. Most people downsize to cut down on cleaning, reduce electrical and heating bills, or make lifestyle adjustments. 

Whatever your reason, you should know what to consider when downsizing your home. You’re not just looking for a smaller place to live; this home still has to meet your needs. 

We’ll share some tips for downsizing your home size and maximizing your new living space.

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How to Downsize From a Bay Area Home

A typical Bay Area home is adorned with furniture, appliances, and decorations. When you downsize to a smaller property within San Francisco, or somewhere livable in Santa Clara, some items might become a burden. Bringing extra couches, shelves, and kitchen appliances to a smaller home doesn’t always make sense. 

You’ll have to visualize yourself in the new space. Imagine your day-to-day life in the home and think about what you will need (and what you won’t).

Declutter and Downsize Before You Arrive

Many of the things in a Bay Area home won’t fit well into a smaller home, but that’s okay. When you take the things you need, and leave what you don’t, you won’t have regrets.

Focus on what you will need in the future. Take a look at the things in your Bay Area home and ask yourself, “Will I need this in my new place?”.

Downsizing is easier for some homeowners than others. Sometimes, selling and giving possessions away can be painful, even when those things won’t help in a smaller new home. Try to power through any feelings of fleeting disappointment or reluctance. Happiness comes from the people in our lives and the things we do, not our possessions. 

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How to declutter and downsize your home

Go room by room. On your smartphone or some paper, start deciding which items you’ll take and leave. Everything you don’t bring to the new home needs to be sold, given away, or disposed of. You can use Craigslist or other apps to sell anything of value.

Make a Plan for Furniture and Layout

Creating a plan ahead of time will make moving into your new home much easier. To do this, you can snap some pictures of the rooms, take manual measurements, or use apps. 

Some of your furniture might be repurposed, like making a coffee table into a bedside table. In a smaller Bay Area home, you’ll want slimmer furniture. If you must buy new couches or tables, avoid anything wide or sprawling - unless you’ve measured the space.

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If your home is smaller, every inch of the floorplan is vital. If furniture is blocking access or taking up too much space, the home will feel more cramped. During your walkthroughs, visualize the new home with all of the furniture you plan to have. Are you happy with the layout?

Go Through Your Wardrobe

Some of the clothes we once loved sit in the closet and rarely see the light of day. The more clothing you are moving to your new home, the more boxes you’ll have to pack up. 

Your friends might be overjoyed to get some of your wardrobe, but selling your fashion is an option too. Try sites like The RealReal, Craigslist, or even Facebook Marketplace.

Donating clothes is also very easy to do. Lots of libraries, schools, and shopping centers have donation boxes you can use. Just make sure the items are washed and still in wearable condition. 

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Be Aware of Hidden Downsizing Costs

You may know how to downsize your home, but do you know about the costs? When most people imagine going from a large Bay Area home to something more economical, they might forget some expenses. 

Since some furniture won’t fit in your new home, you’ll need to buy new items. If it’s been a while since you last went to Ikea, you might be surprised by the price of refurnishing and redecorating. There’s also a shipping cost for anything large like couches, televisions, or beds, unless you’ve got a large vehicle.

Try Smart Furniture and Storage Options

If you haven’t seen any of the newest furniture designs, you’ll be amazed. There are more than spacious drawers under the bed; there are hidden beds, folding desks, and many more genius ways to furnish a smaller home.

Scandinavian designs are massively popular these days and also, they’re perfect for slightly smaller homes. Slim forms, tasteful amounts of wood, and efficient use of space are all characteristics of Scandinavian furniture. Combined with the right lighting and a brighter color palette, it’s perfect for anyone downsizing from a Bay Area home. 

You might not have the same storage options when you downsize. Try to avoid storing too much, but bring what you must. Now ask, where will I put all this? There may be a garage or basement you can use, but not always. Lots of modern furniture solves this problem with hidden storage. Make sure to plan ahead and consider your options.

Can We Help You Move?

Hopefully, now you know what to consider when downsizing your home. This can be a great time to shed some unnecessary baggage, but not everyone finds downsizing easy. It’s always helpful if your trusted friend or partner is there to chime in with advice (and to carry some boxes for you).

We’ll help you move to your new home in the Bay Area, or connect you with reputable companies for out-of-state moves. Since 2008, The Jamison Team has helped lots of families move in and around California, so we know exactly who can help. 

If you’re still looking for downsizing options and fantastic neighborhoods in the Bay Area, we’re here for that too. To speak with one of the only agencies with a Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee, send us a quick message online or contact us to learn more!

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