5 Insider Tips for Buying Homes for Sale in Palo Alto, CA

5 Insider Tips for Buying Homes for Sale in Palo Alto

Palo Alto, California, is a famous Silicon Valley city known for its high quality of life and scenic neighborhoods. It stretches from the San Francisco Bay in the east to the Santa Cruz Mountains in the west, including landmarks like Stanford University, the Computer History Museum, and the Shoreline Amphitheater. 

Around 68,000 people live in Palo Alto, California. Residents get fantastic commute times all over San Jose and the Bay Area. When the weekend arrives, it’s easy to visit the mountain trails, wineries, and lakeside picnic spots all around Palo Alto.

Finding homes for sale in Palo Alto CA can be complicated, but we’d like to help homebuyers by sharing five insider tips for this market.

Palo Alto Roadway

A beautiful shot down a Palo Alto roadway - via Jessica Fiess-Hill

#1: Understand the Palo Alto CA Zip Codes

One of the first home buying tips we tell clients is to understand the amenities and lifestyle of each different zip code. 

Here are a few different Palo Alto CA zip codes: 

  • 94303 is the waterfront zip code of Palo Alto, so residents live near the Baylands Nature Preserve, Baylands Golf Course, and a sprawling green space of ponds and parks.
  • 94301 is in central Palo Alto, which contains the homes next to Stanford and the quiet tree-lined streets of Old Palo Alto. This zip code also holds the Palo Alto Zoo and the Elizabeth F. Gamble Garden.
  • 94306 feels far from the hustle and bustle, even though it’s just minutes away from central Palo Alto. If you’re seeking more affordable homes for sale in Palo Alto CA, you might find them in this area. 
  • 94304 is a zip code on the hillside that overlooks central Palo Alto. This is where residents come to live with lots of space, zero traffic, and gorgeous views. The shops and amenities are just a few minutes away, but you’ll feel far away.

We want to remove the uncertainty of home buying with our Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee. If you move in and aren’t fully in love with the property, our team will step in and sell the home or buy it from you ourselves. Either, you love your home, or we’ll find you a better situation.

#2 Be Aware of Higher-Priced Areas of Palo Alto CA

During your search, you’ll probably notice that some areas of Palo Alto have very high prices, while others are more typical.

For example, the 94301 Palo Alto zip code has some homes that exceed 7 million dollar listing prices. This area includes University South, Professorville, and Old Palo Alto; exclusive areas with direct access to the Stanford area. When homes in the Palo Alto Hills come up for sale, they often have high prices too.

Downtown Palo Alto

Downtown Palo Alto - via IK's World Trip

The median listing price in Palo Alto, CA is usually somewhere around $3 million.

If that sounds steep, don’t worry. A realtor can help you find more affordable options. 

#3: Don’t Skip the Inspection on Palo Alto Properties

In any market, home inspections are a useful tool for home buyers to find out what they are purchasing. 

The cost of home repairs is quite high in the state of California, which means that homes for sale in Palo Alto CA should be thoroughly inspected. 

When it comes time to negotiate and make an offer on the property, a professional home inspection is ultra-valuable. It will save you money in the future by helping you avoid costly surprises, plus it may affect the final sale price. 

Modern House in Palo Alto

A Palo Alto house with modern styling - via David Sawyer

Ask a realtor who works with Palo Alto real estate to connect you with inspection companies.

#4: Create a Budget for Moving to Palo Alto

The cost of living in Palo Alto CA is among the highest in the state, so residents need to have a budget for moving here. This must factor in the cost of the home, closing costs, and other fees which might be unforeseen. 

We can make moving to Palo Alto free, but home buyers should make solid long-term financial plans before arriving. 

#5: Negotiate and Make Competitive Offers

Palo Alto CA is a seller’s market, so buyers must be competitive to find value and savings. 

On average, homes take a little over 10 days to sell here. That means, if you’re looking for homes for sale in Palo Alto CA, you’ll want to monitor the listings. Once you find properties you think are suitable, you’ll want to move quickly and start evaluating them with your realtor.

Having a professional real estate team on your side means you can move quickly in these competitive markets, without skipping steps. 

The Jamison Team has been around the Bay Area real estate market since 2008, and we’ve helped hundreds of clients with their housing dreams.

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