5 Ways to Market Your Home for a Quick Sale

Mortgage rates are finally on the decline, and federal interest rates are leveling out. As a result, it's an excellent time to both buy and sell a home. Many homeowners are taking advantage of this shift and putting their properties on the market with the intent to upgrade.

With that said, moving into a new home before you've sold the old one can be a stressful experience. Even in a buyer's market, many homeowners fear that their home won't sell as quickly as they'd like it to. Plus, many homeowners hope to hasten the sale of their home for financial reasons, or even just to optimize their time.

Luckily, there are several things that all homeowners can do to market their property and expedite its sale.  We've created this blog to share our realtors' top tips for selling your home quickly in the current market. Keep reading to learn how to market your house efficiently and begin your fantastic new life.

Selling quickly doesn’t always mean reducing your profit.

Why Do People Want To Sell Their Homes Quickly?

Some homeowners feel that their time is more important than fetching the maximum asking price on a home. Other homeowners might choose to market a home for a quick sale when they want flexibility or the ability to buy another property. In many cases, homeowners simply find the process stressful and want to put it behind them as efficiently as they can. 

There are countless other reasons, including career loss, divorce, overseas job opportunities, and more. Here are 5 of the most important factors to be aware of when you market your home.

5 Important factors for selling a home quickly

Selling quickly doesn’t always mean reducing your profit

There are many reasons why homeowners sometimes try to sell their property quickly.

Here are 5 of the most important factors to be aware of when you market your home.

1.  Choose the Perfect Asking Price

Selecting the right asking price isn’t easy and there are several factors that should influence your choice.

Trends in your local market are very important.  Your real estate agent with help you compare your property to similar properties in your neighborhood. Comparable homes must be nearby, with a similar size and features. Look at comparable homes that are still listed, but also the ones that have recently sold. 

For example, let’s say you’re selling a 2-story home in Central San Jose with a basement and garage. You check the local listings in close proximity to your home and see 4 comparable properties, listed between $600,000 and $700,000.

Assuming that your home has similar livable/usable space and features, it would be smart of you to choose a price that is relative to the comparable properties.

Your realtor will also factor in other market considerations to ensure the asking price is fair and competitive, such as:

  • Public transportation in the area
  • Job opportunities
  • Access to sports centers, gyms, parks, and other recreation spots
  • Nearby schools

A home in a highly-rated school district can often fetch a higher asking price than a similar property in a less desirable school district. Likewise, the closer your home is to public transportation, the more desirable it will be for commuters.  You can use these features to your advantage to market your home for quick sale.

2. Take Great Photos and Videos for Buyers

Human beings shop with their eyes, and first impressions make a huge difference. This goes double when considering a major, life-changing purchase such as a new home.

Thus, when a homeowner wants to sell their home quickly, they need to have attractive photos and videos of the property. Great images create a higher perceived value especially if other listings in your neighborhood feature lower-quality images with poor staging and few interactive elements. An attractive image can sometimes be the deciding factor for individuals choosing between two properties. Make sure potential buyers have a good understanding of the layout and features before they walk through the door. Oone of the best ways to speed up the process for interested buyers is to showcase the home professionally online. Virtual walkthroughs are becoming more standard for real estate listings, especially for affluent properties.

Walkthroughs provide potential buyers with the opportunity to take a leisurely, personalized tour of your home. Virtual walkthroughs also allow distant buyers to tour the home, which can help facilitate sales from afar. The more people who can see your property in a positive light, the quick it will sell.

Selling your home quickly often means investing in high-quality videography or photography services at the outset. If you value your time, this investment is often worthwhile.

listing photos of Tuscana Properties

Photos should be well-lit and show as much of the home as possible

3. Get the Home in Tip-Top Shape

If you want to sell a home quickly, a cursory vacuum and wipedown of the kitchen won't be enough.  Remember, this is one of the largest transactions you’ll make during your lifetime, so this home-cleaning is worth more than ever.

Get rid of scuffs, scrapes, cracks, chips, and anything else your buyer might not like to see. A lot of these marks aren’t as difficult to remove as you may think.

Spend enough time cleaning (and refurbishing) to get your property as close to a brand-new state as possible. if time, materials, or ability is a concern, consider bringing in a team of professional cleaners to get your house ready for visitors.  This one-time investment can transform a potential buyer's first impression of your home.

Staging is also a critical element that can contribute to a quicker sale.  Remember to depersonalize the home as much as possible. Highlight the layout and design of the home, but never try to adorn it with personal possessions and decorations.

Buyers want to be able to move into homes that don’t feel overly lived-in.  When they tour the property, they should be able to imagine themselves living there. If they cannot see themselves in the space due to the distracting decor, they will often pass on the property outright.

Realtors know what it takes to stage homes and they’ve got plenty of connections to contractors and cleaning professionals.

 4. Selectively Renovate (or Update) Key Areas

Not all renovations give you a 1-to-1 return on your money, but certain renovations can make your home more attractive to buyers (and help it sell quickly).

You might not have to renovate, but don’t hesitate to repaint rooms or replace lighting, faucets, and other decor. Relative to your asking price, these small updates will go a long way and improve your home’s appeal to buyers.

Prioritize any features of your home that could lead to future repairs. That means leaking taps, unreliable door locks, rusted piping, clogged drain pipes, and anything else that buyers will need to fix in the near future. 

During a tour, realtors will be able to point out these new and updated features to potential buyers and use them as attractive selling points.  Buyers like knowing that they won't need to invest time or money into such renovations themselves. It makes them feel as if they are getting more value for their money.  As a result, these small but significant changes can expedite a home sale.

5. Realtors Have Buyers Waiting for Your Listing

You might be able to expedite selling your home by tapping into a realtor’s network of homebuyers.

Individuals and corporations sometimes ask real estate agents to let them know about properties before they hit the market. You might be able to save time and negotiate a fair price for your home, without listing the property. Some buyers may offer you cash for your property. This can speed up your sale and make it more lucrative, which is a bonus for every party involved.

The Jamison Team has over 20000 buyers-in-waiting and one of them may make you an offer.  They can use their network of homebuyers and potentially sell your property without listing it on the open market.

The Jamison Team has  been buying and selling homes in Santa Clara County since 2008. If you need to sell a home quickly in San Jose or the Silicon Valley, contact the team for a no-obligation chat about your property.

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