Buying a Home

Buying real property is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make and it has long-term financial ramifications.  At Tuscana Properties, we make the home buying process easier for our clients because of our leading edge tools and resources coupled with experienced and trained agents who are motivated to help you find your dream home.

1. Buying Process

The first step in finding a house is to select the right agent. You should not choose an agent merely on “personal connections” or because that agent is “friendly,” without further consideration of their experience and reputation. While no agent is a perfect fit for everyone, we believe that experience, training, education, background, and specialization all contribute to success. Our experienced team can help identify the right neighborhoods, coordinate financing with a reputable mortgage lender, filter out inappropriate properties, identify off-market opportunities, and answer questions that come up along the way.

2. Pre-Approval Process

Getting pre-approved by a lender or mortgage broker is one of the first steps you should take. When making an offer on a property your pre-approval letter is a prerequisite for serious consideration of your offer. Knowing the Buyers buying potential will aid in determining how much you intend to spend on your home and which neighborhoods to consider. You should begin the pre-approval process immediately after meeting with your agent. If any issues come up, such as inaccuracies that make your credit score lower than expected, you will have time to resolve them. Our agents can help you through this process and recommend excellent lenders and mortgage brokers. Our recommendations are completely free of any conflict of interest; our agents do not benefit monetarily from providing any recommendations.

3. Defining Requirements

Clients generally have an idea of what cities and neighborhoods appeal most to them. However, you should examine your criteria to determine the neighborhoods you feel are a good fit with your budget. Our agents will help you identify your wants versus needs.  By understanding your personal situation and needs we can identify the minimum criteria in terms of bedroom/bath size, square footage, age, and specific characteristics of the home that are important to you.  Our agents can personally take you through the neighborhoods, give you an overview of the area, and show you a few representative homes within the areas and price range you believe may be a fit. Our agents can also provide you with information about local schools, parks, and community information.

4. Negotiations, Escrow, and Closing

Getting your offer accepted can sometimes be a very competitive and frustrating experience. Our agents have a pulse on the market and can recommend offering strategies to help you make the most competitive offer to win the home.  By evaluating recent market sales in the area, understanding both the Buyers and Sellers needs, whether you are in a multiple offer situation or not and using a bit of creativity and personal connections we can often secure the home of your dreams. After your offer is accepted the escrow period begins. An escrow company which is a neutral third party will handle the escrow and title process to ensure the property is transferred according to the contractual terms. You will also work with your agent to complete any investigations of the property necessary and with your loan officer to ensure your loan is fully approved and ready to close by the close date.  On the day of closing the escrow company will transfer the funds from the buyer and loan company to the sellers, record the grant deed with the county recorder, then you get to pick-up your keys and start moving in. The county will often mail you the official grant deed within 6-8 weeks after closing.

Your new home journey is just a phone call away.

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